What separates us as Americans? Real Talk. | #BehindTheBlogger

What separates us as Americans? Real Talk. | #BehindTheBlogger

What separates us as Americans? When deciding who is to blame for the current state of our country, we are quick to point blame at everything possible. Whether it’s the media, the “system”, politicians, the President, etc. I find it crazy how fast we are able to throw the blame to someone else, when it’s simple, we’re the problem.

What separates us as Americans? Real Talk. | #BehindTheBlogger

It’s like when we were growing up as a child and your parents would say, “don’t point your finger at someone else, because you have 4 pointing back at yourself.” This is a great example of this whole thing. If we want to have peace with pockets of sunshine and happiness, we need to accept that if we’re not putting good out, we’re might as well just quick while we’re ahead.

Last week was a rough week for America as a whole. I’m glad it was a graceful switch over from Obama to Trump. I refuse to make this a post about who or who should not be president. Because, it’s been done. Trump is our president, what we can do from now is do what we can to make the country better than what it is currently.

It’s like when your parents get a divorce and your dad is leaving and your mom’s new boyfriend who you’re not a fan of is gonna be your new dad. No one said you had to like it, we just gotta make do. We gotta pick up the pieces and have to work on bettering ourselves as a country to move forward.

We vote for petty bullies, crooks, and frauds. We vote for them. We select them. Our politics are a reflection of us. Just like the deterioration of the family, the divorce rate, fatherless homes, the moral bankruptcy of our culture, the decline of faith, collective apathy,  ignorance and intellectual laziness are manifestation of our choices, so is the political system. None of this was done overnight while we were sleeping by dark overlords or mystical sorcerers. We have made choices, we have done things, we have decided to be a certain way, and that way has proven poisonous to the future of our country.

I am getting angry just sitting here trying to write this out, because no matter what I say, I will just get called all the ugly names in the book for supporting Trump as our president. Let’s face it, we will never see eye to eye on any topic. Can we move past that and make the best of it? Some of my best friends have totally different views than me, do I hate them and call them names? No, we’re grown ups and we just have the common curiosity and respect of one another.

I’m flawed, never claimed to be perfect. I think if we all gave ourselves goals to make better choices in our own lives, in our communities, in our states and finally as a country. We can learn to accept others for who they are, what they believe in. Even if we don’t agree, we can accept them for them. We should force our beliefs on to each other, show loves, show that you care. Actions over words goes a long way, I promise.

Our bad choices and our flaws and our sins have brought us here politically, culturally, and in every other sense. That’s the truth. So if you want things in this country to improve, stop whining about the system and look in the mirror. We aren’t the victims, we’re the cause. If America is ever going to be “Great Again,” it has to start with a little personal accountability.

What separates us and how can we fix it in a positive way?

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Hey! I'm Natalie and I live in North Carolina. I'm a single mama of four awesome kiddos. These are my thoughts on life, motherhood, fitness and everything in between.


  • Kelly

    I agree. It comes down to that quote “if your not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. We all can do better. We must do better.

  • Angela Ingles

    What separates us – when “me” matters more than “we”. I’m not sure how we can fix it. There needs to be a shift from “me” to “we”. We have to be more considerate of others’ thoughts, feelings, beliefs, needs, desires.

  • Margaret Appel

    Yep, it’s time the country pulled together, started taking care of our own, and work as a cohesive unit to make things here better. Waiting for everyone else to do it usually means nothing gets done.

  • Sherry Compton

    We do have 4 pointing back at us. What gives us the right to judge one another? None of us our perfect. None of us get it right all the time. Be respectful, and, as you say, send out good.

  • Cynthia R

    I always find it funny our the tolerant liberals are so intolerable of anyone else’s views other than their own. I’ve seen people on fb unfriend/unfollow someone just because of their political views- whether it’s right or left. We all need to listen and talk with each other, not shut down people. Where I live is pretty affluent and lucky, they have no clue why people voted for Trump, they just think everyone is backwards. They don’t realize if you just take a drive off the main highway into the small towns of america, most are covered in signs for trump. People wanted a change, people were so tired of being neglected and having every small unfair social injustice overblown and in the news meanwhile they don’t have any jobs or industry or their way of life.

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