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10 Gifts For A Washington Redskins Fan For Under $50

We’re the 11th week into the NFL season and depending on who your team is, you may be doing well or not. Well I am a Washington Redskins fan, always have and always will be. Even if some years are better or not so great than others. We’re currently have a 5-6 score. Not that horrible, I mean we could have the Dallas Cowboys 3-8. HAHA! I am kidding, kinda, but I had to point it out as a skins fan.


So besides layers being your friends, finding a good deal is always great too. So here’s 10 tailgate must haves under $50 from! Always check the weather before for your game. There’s never too many layers, I had like 3 layers on and it was still cold. Here are 10 of my favorite things to take with you into the game and/or tailgating. (1) Mascot Mittens (2) Pullover Hoodie (3) Clear Tote-bag (4) Knit Beanie (5) Face Pant (6) Sweatpants (7) Knee High Socks (8) Blanket (9) Scarf (10) Seat Cushion. You can get all of these for under $50, that’s the best part. Of course if you’re not a Redskins fan, you can get your team.

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Last year, I tailgated my first game with my sister and their friends. It’s when the Redskins played the Rams, it wasn’t that great to be honest, but even though the game wasn’t the greatest and it was FREEZING cold. The overall experience is pretty awesome. The food we made while tailgating was the best. Being able to hangout with my sister was awesome. We scored some awesome seats as well. So I whipped this gift guide together with some awesome things you should have for a tailgate and awesome experience. This is for more of a colder game, than the warmer ones! The game we went to was in December and it was WINDY that day! So LAYERS is your new best friend.

What is your favorite football game must have?

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