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#CampWarnerBros has been an amazing experience to be apart of this summer. It was the one thing each week the kids and I looked forward…


#CampWarnerBros has been an amazing experience to be apart of this summer. It was the one thing each week the kids and I looked forward to. One of my favorite shows growing up was Family Matters and Urkel was my favorite character on the show as a whole. So the activity we’re doing this week is ‘The Urkel Dance’! Ya’ll I was more excited about this then Hailey was, I even offered to pay her to do it, she wouldn’t.

About Family Matters: The Complete Series

What matters most? Family, of course! Over its nine hit seasons, Family Matters brings us a hilarious slice of middle-class Americana – along with one of TV’s wackiest characters, nerdy genius Steve Urkel. The extended Winslow family redefines the word “togetherness” as their home splits at the seams with chaos, confusion and laughter.

If only their house were as big as their hearts! Tough Chicago cop Carl Winslow and his dry-witted wife, Harriette, invite Carl’s imperious mother to move in, expanding their clan of three children, Harriette’s sister Rachel and Rachel’s baby. When son Eddie talks his sister Laura into going on a date with the nerdy Steve Urkel, one of television’s wackiest characters is introduced to the world.

Family Matters: The Complete Series is now available to own on Digital!

What was your favorite Family Matters episode? Do you know how to do the Urkel Dance?


  1. Laura’s prom night with Stefan! The first time I saw that episode I was in awe of the transformation from Urkel to Stefan!

  2. I loved watching Family Matters growing up! I wished Carl Winslow was my dad! I can’t say a favorite episode stuck out to me. I know they tackled some heavy issues like racial profiling, bullying, sexual harassments, etc. What really stumped me…. what happened to the little sister on the show? Carl and Harriett had 3 kids in season one (not Including Rachel (Thelma Hopkins) and her son). Eddie, Laura and I can’t remember the little sister’s name. But after a few shows, we don’t see her anymore and don’t know what happened! Strange!

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