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Back on November 13th, I posted about this new subscription box for geeks/nerds 🙂 There can never be enough of those right?? So there was a Kickstarter for Geek Fuel, they were able to make their goal and BOOM goodies to your mail box. I was one of the lucky ones able to review this box. Now I may not be the nerdiest nerd when it comes down to it, I like some things, not all things nerds, I know, I’m a failure, haha. None the less, here’s the 411 on Geek Fuel.


First off, the box was nice and bright, great start. When you open the box, there’s nice tissue paper and all their social sites & tagline on the box. I’ve seen a few boxes here and there, I have to say this one stands out, presentation wise. For their first box, this isn’t bad, there’s a mix of great goodies in this box. Geek Fuel also included a little booklet with lots of geekiest things such as a little behind the scenes at Geek Fuel. There’s some information about the designers, brands. I think the coolest part in the book is an “Ultimate Geek Gift Guide” handpicked from the Geek Fuel staff. Lastly a shoutout to Kickstarter. Very awesome, I enjoy reading stuff like that. I also like to add, they included a sheet with a picture & little about me about each item included in the box, I like that.

Geek Fuel 1

1) Armor Hunters #1 by Valiant (Value: $5.99)
First Issue of Valiant’s crossover event, ARMOR HUNTERS, which showcases an elite team of hunters charged with searching and eliminating the X-O Manowar armor. With stellar storytelling and epic imagery, this first edition is set to get you hooked. I’ve never heard of Valiant to be honest with you, not normally something I would read, but the graphics are really cool.

2) Eye of Sauron Poster by Kitchen Overload (Value: $10)
Been craving a proper Geek decoration in the kitchen? a proper Geek decoration in the kitchen? Your wait is over with the Eye of Sauron recipe poster. Now you can cook with style in this easy-to-follow recipe that will transport you to the Middle Earth. Now, I’m loving this! I went to their Etsy, they have a ton of other recipe posters & cookbooks, I will have to check those out for sure.

3) The Princess Bride Playing Cards by Albino Dragon (Value: $14.99)
These custom playing cards are guaranteed to be the topic of conversation at your net game night through original artwork that pays homeage to The Princess Bride. Keep an eye out for slight-of-hand with this deck as your friends will have a hard time resisting pocketing the one-of-a-kind court cards. I haven’t seen this movie in forever and who can hate playing cards, these are really awesome. The site has tons of other ones as well.

4) Limited Edition Alpha Geek Fuel Graphic Tee by Geek Fuel Armory (Value: Priceless)
The only thing better than a custom t-shirt is bragging to your peers that it’s limited edition. Introducing the Geek Fuel Alpha t-shirt, specifically design for those joining the revolution against stale mail. This is awesome, the best part of these kind of boxes is the t-shirts you get inside, in my case, is this sweet shirt. I was no. 3 of 300 shirts. That’s pretty sweet! 

5) Halo Alpha Mega Bloks by Mega Bloks (Value: $2.99)
In honor of Halo’s Master Chief Collection and our Alpha box release, we’ve got a micro action figure just for you. Nothing says Mystery like a blind pack. I will be giving this one to my oldest son or my brother, one of them are bound to use it more than I would.

6) Geek Fuel Sticker by Geek Fuel Armory (Value: Priceless)
Technically this isn’t a “item in the box” but it’s still a “gift” so I included it in the picture. I’ll add it to my collection of stickers, gotta find something to do with them.

7) Star Wars Pez Candy by Pez Candy Inc (Value: $1.79)
You can never have too many Pez, especially if it is two classics in one. Whether it’s on the go or relaxing at your favorite spot, pop a Pez, and revel in the fact that you receive one of seven badass Star Wars collectible dispensers. Who doesn’t love Pez? I haven’t had this candy in a long time. I love it and, Star Wars is pretty freakin’ sweet too!

Overall, this box was pretty nice for Geek Fuel’s first box.  I really like the poster, playing cards, t-shirt & pez candy the most.  I would totally get another box or two.

Geek Fuel‘s Social Sites: [Website] [Twitter]  [Facebook]  [YouTube]  [Pinterest]  [Instagram]

Disclosure: Geek Fuel provided me with a subscription box in exchange for a product review. All Opinions are my own.

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