• Mother's Day Restaurant Freebies and Deals

    Mother’s Day Restaurant Freebies and Deals

    Mother’s Day is going to look a little different this year for many people, but all the moms and caretakers in our lives still deserve a real treat. Instead of taking her out for a special brunch, lunch or dinner, let these restaurants cook up a meal to indulge in at home via pickup or delivery right to her door. Abuelo’s: For every $50 gift card purchases, receive a $10 gift card. Acapulco Restaurant & Cantina: Order your favorite margaritas to go and enjoy free delivery on purchases over $20 when you order online. You can get $10 off $35 pickup orders as well. Acapulco will have “Cinco Packs” complete with food,…

  • Parenting

    Winter Wonderland Movie Night 101

    Are you ready for those two weeks off for winter break? Many parents can tell cabin fever is upon us, given all the downtime. That is why we’ve have mastered the art of the winter movie night, morphing into a pro at pulling together an evening that everyone can enjoy, despite cold temps, an out-of-whack daily routine, too much time with relatives, and general post-holiday blues. It’s really just a matter of survival. Here’s what you need to do. Tire everyone out OK, OK… so what I’m about to say isn’t technically a part of your winter movie night, but it IS still key to making your evening successful.Anyone who’s…

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    Weekend Adventures in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    I went to Myrtle Beach for the first time ever in my life. Which is really odd if you live in the south, because everyone goes there a few times a year. Like if I want to go to a beach, I’m going to Topsail on the NC coast, where I have family. However for my friend, Heather’s birthday we went for a girl’s weekend. The trip overall was amazing, minus the horrible “hotel” we got through Hotel Tonight. I’ll save that for last. We also went the same weekend, there was a tropical storm going through, so it basically rained the WHOLE TIME. Now there’s only a gift shop…

  • 5 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes Under $20

    5 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes Under $20

    I wanted to do some DIY Halloween costumes for the Halloween bar crawl and here are 5 simple tutorials for each one, you can design for under $20 each. Okay ya’ll I think I have a bar crawl addiction, but not in a bad way, they’re just so much fun. I made this 6 bar crawl survival tips for bar crawls, you should totally check out if you ever want to go to one. We recently went to a Halloween bar crawl in downtown Raleigh, NC and it was amazing! I ran into some friends I met at the Cinco De Mayo crawl and met lots of new people. I…

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    Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

    While we were on the way back to Delaware from our trip to Kentucky, we decided to actually stop by the Natural Bridge State Resort Park this time instead of just passing this on the highway. My husband had went several times as a child and wanted our kids to experience this as well.  I have to say, this is one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen and it makes it even better that I got to share this with my children.  There were several hotel/motel options around the resort but we decided on the Lodge that is right by the Natural Bridge. It is an older lodge…

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    6 Bar Crawl Survival Tips You’ll Be Thankful For

    Have you ever gone on a bar crawl? Let me share some bar crawl survival tips with you that will make your night more memorable. A few months ago for St Patrick’s Day, I did a bar crawl in Chapel Hill, NC and it was amazing! I had a total blast. We had a small group of roughly 20 people, we went to 7 bars and it was a total blast. I met some really amazing people out of it as well. Then I went again for Cinco De Mayo in Raleigh, NC. This one was HUGE. There was two groups and roughly 100-150 people in each group, it was…