• The Perfect Cozy Boyfriend Pillow Tutorial

    The Perfect Cozy Boyfriend Pillow Tutorial

    Do you know what I miss most about being with someone? cuddles. Yep, something so simple solves so many problems. So I made life easier for all of us, a DIY boyfriend pillow. Just to let you know that I’m not totally crazy, they did have one on Glee (season 4, episode 17). I took a quick trip to my local Hobby Lobby and got all the supplies besides the flannel shirt and pillow there for this epic DIY project.   Boyfriend Pillow Supplies: flannel long sleeve shirt Fiberfill stuffing small sewing kit memory foam pillow Boyfriend Pillow Instructions:  Grab your flannel shirt – I went with a 3 xl shirt…

  • Faith

    Asking For A Friend : How To Thrive Being Single

    Have you ever felt singled out when you have gone to church? Asking for a friend. I walked into church today feeling singled out, because normally just me and my daughter go to church. Most everyone there is happily married with children or have been married for years. There are people who have been going to that church since they were little kids. I already feel like an outsider most of the time, but more or less being single and going to church is hard. Last Sunday, the preacher told us they were starting a new series: about questions you have always wanted the answers to and the first one…

  • Relationships

    5 Steps Helping You Find Your Love Again

    True love and soulmates, one of life’s greatest life goals. But, achieving it is easier said than done. The concept of love seems pretty simple between everyone, but our needs and expectations can easily get in the way and ruin a perfectly good relationship. Here are 5 steps helping you find your love again, these are based on my personal experience, but hopefully they be of some help to you. Go Through A Heartache. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but when you think about it. You need to be completely broken from love, in order to find what true love really means. I think having your heart broken is one…