• A look back on to 2018 year in review with pictures.

    2018 Year in Review {with pictures}

    It’s December 31, 2018, which means it’s time for the 2018 Year in Review with pictures. A year filled of making memories, making friends and enjoying life to the fullest. Here’s a look back on 2017 recap. January Rang in the New Year with friends, alcohol and games. Which honestly has to be one of the best ways to do it. Turned 32 on January 30th. Febuary Hannah turned 7 on Feb 9th & Mom had her birthday on the 11th. Feb 15 is Galentine’s Day and it was spent with a bunch of lovely ladies. Mom had her breast cancer surgery on Feb 19. She got it removed and…

  • 2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos
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    2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos

    Here’s my 2017 Recap, I think it was a pretty fun year to be honest, there were a few hick-ups, other than that, it was a blast! Goals for 2017 was to save money and buy a car and get a place to live. What did I do in 2017? Get tattoos, take epic road trips & go to a few concerts, met some musicians and lived life to the fullest. Do I regret it? NEVER! In January… We had the kids for Christmas & New Years, but had to take them back on January 1st. I wouldn’t see them again until Summer Break, besides Skype chats here and there.…

  • Recap of 2014 | Utterly-Amazing.com

    Recap of 2014!

    2014… Personally, I’m glad for it to be over. There’s a lot of good and bad moments, sad and happy moments. Let’s just say, it was interesting to the say the least.. Here’s a Recap of 2014 in pictures. ••January•• ▬ It snowed A LOT. ▬ My nephew turned 1 on the 28th. ▬ I turned 28 on the 30th. ••February•• ▬ Hannah turned 3 years old on Feb 9. ▬ John & I celebrated our 7th Anniversary ▬ It snowed like a foot around Valentines. ••March•• ▬ Skype Date with Tyler Ward. ▬ Fell & Broke my elbow. ▬ Bought my VIP ticket to see Tyler in Nashville. ▬…