• 25 Christian Songs For Bad Days

    25 Christian Songs For Bad Days

    I asked a few friends what were their favorite go to Christian songs for the bad days. What songs made them cheer up or just jam out to when they’re having a bad day. I added a bunch I like as well. I could of listed more than 25, maybe I’ll make a part two. Either way, I love being able to just shut out the world, plug in my headphones and listen to music that seriously heals the soul, heart and mind. Songs that remind you that you’re not alone, that God is always there with you. That’s like the greatest feeling in the world. Sometimes you will have bad…

  • Hillsong Worship LIVE | #HillsongNights | Utterly-Amazing.com

    Hillsong Worship LIVE #HillsongNights

    Can we talk about how listening to Hillsong Worship on YouTube or Spotify is one thing. But actually being there in person, is a whole new level. To be able to praise God in a place where I got to celebrate how amazing God is with other Christians, things like that are simply life changing. I was able to get tickets from Family Christian. So I brought my friend Nic. We left super early on a Monday.. Our goal was to make it to GA early enough that we can go check out Atlanta first, then take the hour drive to Gainesville, GA.

  • Moving on to Better with Tyler Ward

    Moving on to Better with Tyler Ward

    See, I totally meant to post this blog post sooner. But life has been crazy over the last month, but at the same time, life has been totally life changing over the last month. A lot has changed, for the better. I have gained a lot in that time frame. Honestly, last month was the best month this whole year. Besides the fact, I saw Tyler in concert 3 times within 4 days, that’s besides the fact. HA! I got to meet some of my TW Family friends and friends I’ve met before at TW shows. Overall it was amazing. So Tyler Ward’s tour is called the Yellow Boxes Tour…

  • Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

    Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

    It’s almost Christmas, what a better time to share my top 5 favorite Christmas songs with you. These are not your normal Christmas songs, some of my true favorites, some you have heard, some you may not of. Either way, they’re really great choices. Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. Even if it sucks this year, I love it. Enough of me rambling on, enjoy the music! What songs do you think I should of added? Straight No Chasers – Christmas Can Can I love most of the songs that Straight No Chasers sings normally, but this is one of my favorite Christmas songs by them. Trans-Siberian Orchestra –…

  • Culture

    #DeliverHope with Tyler Ward & Earth, Wind & Fire

    Since it’s #TeeTeeTuesday (Yes, that’s really a day, lol) Tyler finally posted him and Earth, Wind & Fire.. Yes, he got to sing with them, how sweet is that? Yes, pretty awesome.. I was all, trying to hit that high note of, “Ba De Ya” haha But besides all that, there’s a reason for this post today.  At any given time 1 in 9 people around the world suffer from hunger. Each year hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

  • This Week On Music Monday

    This Week on Music Monday | Alisha Marie

    First off, this is another one of those.. “this is totally how I feel right now..” Yep! I love sharing songs I can relate to, besides the fact, you can really feel the emotions in these lyrics, I attached them at the bottom. This is a dedication song, guess who for.. my favorite part of the song… “You don’t need him. So keep your head up.” Recently a bunch of us (Tyler fans) did a little project for him, needless to say, a bunch of us ended up making a separate facebook chat, pretty much we all come from different parts of the world, we all have one major thing…