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    Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

    While we were on the way back to Delaware from our trip to Kentucky, we decided to actually stop by the Natural Bridge State Resort Park this time instead of just passing this on the highway. My husband had went several times as a child and wanted our kids to experience this as well.  I have to say, this is one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen and it makes it even better that I got to share this with my children.  There were several hotel/motel options around the resort but we decided on the Lodge that is right by the Natural Bridge. It is an older lodge…

  • 10+ Pretty Epic Places To Visit While In Louisville, Kentucky

    10+ Pretty Epic Places To Visit While In Louisville, Kentucky

    Louisville, Kentucky is largest city, sits on the Ohio River along the Indiana border. Every May, its race course Churchill Downs hosts the Kentucky Derby, a renowned horse race whose long history is explored at the Kentucky Derby Museum. Baseball is celebrated at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, where Major League bats are produced and a giant baseball “slugger” marks the entrance. Closer to the end of the trip, we thought walking across the bridges would be pretty sweet, so we did! We walked across the one bridge that touches Kentucky & Indiana, so that was pretty awesome. Made out for some amazing sunset pictures on a bridge. Now…