• How to Actually Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions : 2019 Goals

    How to Actually Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions #2019Goals

    It’s that time of year of again where people are making New Year’s Resolutions. Most people start them for the first week, like how it’s the busiest day at the gyms. Then again I’ve had a gym membership for 2 years and haven’t actually used it monthly, but that’s another story. TIP #1:  Keep your new promise for an entire month, without exception There’s some things that we do daily without thinking about it, taking a shower, going to work, how we do our job, etc. Our brain and body go by our habits. So when trying new habits or goals, try them for a whole month. I once heard…

  • Goals for 2018

    30+Pretty Epic Bucket List Goals for 2018

    Where did 2017 go?! How many goals did you complete? New Year, means new list, here’s my goals for 2018. Some things I have from last year, but a lot of these are new. Here are some past goals for the last years. Traveling Honestly, I love traveling and taking road trips to new places and meeting new people. But I need to get my own place before I do any big travel plans honestly. But with that said, I want to see more than the east coast. I want to go the west coast & Nashville again or maybe New York around Christmas time, I’m a huge Christmas lights…

  • Life

    Bucket List Goals for 2017 | New Year, New Me

    New Year, New Me. Everyone always throws around that quote until we all give up on our goals for the year. How often do you stick with what your goals for the next year? I try to make my bucket list goals something I can actually get done. I tend to make realistic goals that I know that if I put the effort into them that I can get them done. I like to make monthly goals for myself, if you took a look at my laptop screen, you would see all the sticky notes of to-do list I want to get done. There’s still a few I want to finish…

  • Life

    Let’s Make A Bucket List | Goals for 2015

    This started off as my ’30 Things to do before I turn 30′. But I don’t want to be rushed, so I changed this to a Goals for 2015 list! I’m a list person. I have tons lists for all types of things. Not that my lists are complete, I like to start list and not finish them. However, I want this list to be different, I want to finish most of these things. L E A R N  S O M E T H I N G  N E W » Learn to swim » Go Sky Diving » Learn to play guitar P L A C E S…

  • Personal Goals for 2014 | #NewYearNewMe

    Personal Goals for 2014 | #NewYearNewMe

    Wednesday, January 22: What are some personal goals you’d like to work on this year? Make more friends. Like in real life, lol. What’s that you ask? lol. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few hundred or so friends online, friends I’ve met through the years. I’ve been online to say for like 14 years, a LONG freaking time. Then all the amazing people I met on Myspace, that word alone means your old, if you know what Myspace is. lol. Anyways, I need to meet more bloggers in VA, more friends in VA. I need more friends in general. I had friends when we lived in…