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    8 Workout Gear Must Haves For 2019 | #FridayFavorites

    What are your workout goals for 2019? Big or small, they’re all important. I know I have a cart full of workout stuff I plan on getting myself to kick off 2019 with. I wanted to share a few of those awesome things below. I wouldn’t share anything I don’t use myself.   1) 28 oz Blender Bottle Shaker Bottle – $14.91 on Amazon A BlenderBottle shaker cup multi pack is an efficient, economical solution for families and frequent shaker cup users alike. Multiple bottles allow for different size drinks, varying style and performance preferences, and time out of rotation in the dish rack. Many BlenderBottle customers even match their…

  • 8 Gift Guide Ideas For Any Hippopotamus Lover | #FridayFavorites
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    8 Gift Guide Ideas For Any Hippopotamus Lover | #FridayFavorites

    Can I ask you a crazy question? Where has the year gone? How are we 25 days til Christmas? Crazy right, I thought so too. Here are 8 pretty sweet gift guide ideas for any Hippopotamus Lover! Did you know the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” was written in 1950 by John Rox and became a nationwide hit in 1953 when ten-year-old Oklahoma native Gayla Peevey sang the song as a way to raise money for the Oklahoma City Zoo’s first hippopotamus. In December of that year the city received Matilda the hippo for Christmas. Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2018 ($17.99 on Amazon) Celebrate the laugh-out-loud perennial favorite…

  • 8+ Creative DIY Kits for Teens #2018GiftGuides
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    8+ Creative DIY Kits for Teens #2018GiftGuides

    Have you ever tried to buy for a teenager? It can be a hit or miss type of deal. Here’s a few gift guides to help along the way. Here are 10 totally artsy fartsy creative DIY kit for teens. Let’s be honest, a lot of these are perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects, I know I sure do.     Which Creative DIY Kits for Teens are you most excited about?

  • 13 Must Have College Dorm Room Accessories
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    13 Must Have College Dorm Room Accessories

    At some point we need to let our kids go and wish them the best, normally that happens when we send them off to college. With these gift guide, I’m going to share 13 must have college dorm room accessories, you will be set for college!  Hopefully this makes shopping for college dorm room accessories a little bit easier, these are at least some of the basics. I’m totally checking out that snack box for my daughter for after school this fall. I’m also totally loving these hanging lights and pictures idea, it will make for a great next DIY project. What’s Your Favorite College Dorm Room Accessories? CTFD is a…

  • 10+ Simply Beautiful Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses
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    10+ Simply Beautiful Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

    Finding the perfect plus size wedding guest dresses can be a real pain. I hope to make it easier for you with these lovely dresses from Rose Wholesale. I haven’t been to a wedding in forever, but this weekend we’re going to a wedding of our friends, that we grew up with as kids. He’s basically like a brother. Plus Size Hawaiian Leaf Midi Dress $12.95 [order now] Plus Size Floral Printed Vintage Gown Dress $15.25 [order here] Floor Length Floral Plus Size Strapless Dress $11.80 [order here] Floral Long Sleeve Plus Size Long Dress $11.93 [order here] Vintage Mesh Trim A Line Plus Size Dress $16.52 [order here] Sleeveless…

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    10+ Must Have Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    Picking the perfect baby shower gift can be hard and confusing. It seems like each year, there’s always newer and better things. I know there’s a lot of stuff I wish was around back when I was having kids. My kids range from 5 to 14, so it’s be awhile since I went to a baby shower or even had a baby shower. Here are 5 awesome teething toys for under $20 you can check out as well! However, we’re throwing a baby shower for a co-worker next month, so I can’t wait to get some baby items. Here are 10+ must have baby shower gift ideas:   Is there…