• DIY: Easy Halloween Chalkboard Pumpkin

    DIY: Easy Halloween Chalkboard Pumpkin

    Cute isn’t it? Yea, I’m well aware it’s the day before Halloween, but I had this planned all month, but between, court, work and more work, I don’t have time for anything anymore. This project too all of like 15 minutes, minus the drying of the pumpkin. These make great last minute pumpkin decorating, that’s safe for kids and less messing than cutting them! Check out the simple tutorial below to make these adorable DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin with ChalkOla Chalk Markers. Chalkboard Pumpkin Supplies: a pumpkin (real or fake) chalk markers foam paint brush chalkboard paint Chalkboard Pumpkin Guide: Now for my pumpkin, this was a fake pumpkin, I found…