• I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran's Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

    I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran’s Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

    That’s right people! Ed freaking Sheeran and James freaking Blunt! Ya’ll, I was on the 7th row… from the TOP, yes nose bleed section, but the fact I was in the same room as Ed Sheeran was enough for me. I bought these tickets for my sister’s birthday back in March, we had to wait 6 months! It was worth the wait — I got some pretty epic pictures and videos! Pre-concert selfie for the win! First up with James Blunt. I’ve been a fan of his since like day one back in 2004 when You’re Beautiful & Goodbye My Lover came out. He kept joking about how he knew…

  • Love Riot Tour 2016 ─ God's Not Dead #LoveRiotTour

    Love Riot Tour 2016 ─ God’s Not Dead #LoveRiotTour

    One day I was searching through Premier Productions and I saw the Love Riot Tour was coming to North Carolina. Which means I was finally going to be able to see Newsboys in concert ─ if you’re a fan of Christian music, you know how big this moment is. I’ve been a fan of Micheal Tait since he was with DC Talk. I love me some Newsboys music! Then I found out that The Afters, Ryan Stevenson & Graham Saber were going to be there as well. Ryan Stevenson who sings, “Eye of the Storm” that song is one of the many that got me through 2016. There’s something about going to…

  • Hillsong United & Lauren Daigle Concert 5/5/16 | #EMPIREStour

    Hillsong United & Lauren Daigle Concert 5/5/16 | #EMPIREStour

    So when I had to a chance to go to a Hillsong United & Lauren Daigle Concert I didn’t waste any time. I was lucky enough to see Hillsong in concert last year, but I was able to see them again this year. They were actually in North Carolina twice, but I didn’t get to see them during the other tour. Now last time I saw them was in a church and we had a seat in the back. I told myself that I wasn’t going to seat in the back. The floor seats were $50. You can’t beat that. Little did I know how close I would actually get. Now…