• 13 Must Have College Dorm Room Accessories
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    13 Must Have College Dorm Room Accessories

    At some point we need to let our kids go and wish them the best, normally that happens when we send them off to college. With these gift guide, I’m going to share 13 must have college dorm room accessories, you will be set for college!  Hopefully this makes shopping for college dorm room accessories a little bit easier, these are at least some of the basics. I’m totally checking out that snack box for my daughter for after school this fall. I’m also totally loving these hanging lights and pictures idea, it will make for a great next DIY project. What’s Your Favorite College Dorm Room Accessories? CTFD is a…

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    7 Life Lessons I Learned At A Dining Hall Job

    We’re at the last week of school at the university dining hall job I work at — I honestly didn’t see me still working here this long, but I don’t regret a thing. We’re currently having summer break. Which at that point you can work a second job or enjoy the break. I choose to enjoy the time off. Foolish? maybe, but the kids will be here and I want to spend as much time with them as I possible can. I’ve worked a range of different food service jobs, but this was something different on a bigger scale. On average we fed 800 college kids between breakfast & lunch, the…