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    The Most Amazing Quick & Easy Banana Bread Recipe

    Before you throw out those yucky looking bananas into the trash, you can make some of the best banana bread you ever had, so you can thank me later! This recipe is quick and easy! This is the go to yummy treat our mom always made for us while growing up. It’s best when it’s fresh and you put some butter on top, it will seriously melt in your mouth because it’s so moist. I have a bad habit of getting bananas and then forgetting that I bought them. Then just let them sit around until they get all brown and yucky looking. When most people throw them away, ripe…

  • Start Your Day with Quaker Steel Cut & Protein 10!
    Food & Drinks

    Start Your Day with Quaker Steel Cut & Protein 10!

    Being a mom of four crazy kids who are always on the go, having a simple fast breakfast yet it still being healthy can be frustrating. So that’s when I normally turn to Quaker. When we got a box of Steel Cut Blueberries & Cranberries and a Protein 10 Cranberries & Almonds, I knew the kids were gonna be excited for breakfast. When we’re not in a rush, I like to throw some fresh fruits or honey into my oatmeal for some extra yummies and it’s nice to get all those healthy foods in within one meal. Quaker oatmeal is a good source of calcium, iron and 6 other essential vitamins and…