• You Must Love Yourself, Before You Love Another | #BehindTheBlogger

    You Must Love Yourself, Before You Love Another

    You know what one of the hardest things is? Learning how to love yourself all over again. Whether you went years without self love or you were in a toxic relationship. Point being, Loving yourself is the hardest thing to train your brain to do. But once you love yourself, you can’t stop. It’s the best reward you could ever give yourself. I’m a firm believer that you should give 100% to someone when you get into a new relationship. You need to be able to love every ounce of yourself, before you can pour your love into that relationship. There’s that period after you have a major break up…

  • What They Don't Tell You About Blogging

    What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging

    I’ve been blogging since 2008, so that would be almost 10 years now, which is kinda crazy. I’ve had my WordPress since 2010, I’ve learned a lot of stuff over the years, but more over the last few years. It seems like these days, that everyone and their mama has a blog.  Everyone and their mama has a blog post titled, “How to Start a Blog..” “5 Easy Ways to Start a Blog…” We all have seen them, they’re everywhere. I told myself this wouldn’t turn into a rant, I promise it wont be. More of a by the way.. It’s not a lie but it’s not the full truth.…

  • 2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos
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    2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos

    Here’s my 2017 Recap, I think it was a pretty fun year to be honest, there were a few hick-ups, other than that, it was a blast! Goals for 2017 was to save money and buy a car and get a place to live. What did I do in 2017? Get tattoos, take epic road trips & go to a few concerts, met some musicians and lived life to the fullest. Do I regret it? NEVER! In January… We had the kids for Christmas & New Years, but had to take them back on January 1st. I wouldn’t see them again until Summer Break, besides Skype chats here and there.…

  • Healthy Eating Tips for Movie Go-ers This Holiday Season
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    Healthy Eating Tips for Movie Go-ers This Holiday Season

    During the holiday season, a great go-to for families, couples, or even by yourself is movie-going! With the variety of options for snacks at movie theaters staying healthy can be no easy task. Jacob Bustos, chef and author, would love to provide your readers/viewers with the top 5 tips on what to stay away from while at the movies and provide alternative options so you can still snack and enjoy your flick! Bustos beat his battle with morbid obesity and has set out to make a positive impact on people through healthy food choices, alternative snack options, and education you on what food and drinks are major no-nos! For example, soda…

  • New Year, New Me with the Money Saving Challenge

    New Year, New Me with the Money Saving Challenge

    It’s about that time for “New Year, New Me” Resolutions. Well let’s kick off 2018 with this Money Saving Challenge. This is the easiest money saving guide I’ve seen and it’s so easy to do, just need to stay committed. Earnest helps you build a brighter future by lowering interest rates and helping you manage your money more effectively so that you’re not paying more than you need to. Student loans can be a large portion of debt for many people these days, and many are unaware that there are options out there to help, which is really how we connect to the topic! After reading the money saving challenge above, made me…