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    20 Goals for 2015

    “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” 2014 was insane to say the least, instead of setting New Year resolutions like I normally do, I wanted to give myself 20 goals to do within a year, but it doesn’t mean it’s goals only to do during this year, some of these are on-going goals. I just figured if I put it out there, I hate to be a liar and I can motivate myself to live up to my goals. I just want 2015 to be successful and I want happiness. Easy enough right?

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    Recap of 2014!

    2014… Personally, I’m glad for it to be over. There’s a lot of good and bad moments, sad and happy moments. Let’s just say, it was interesting to the say the least.. Here’s a Recap of 2014 in pictures. ••January•• ▬ It snowed A LOT. ▬ My nephew turned 1 on the 28th. ▬ I turned 28 on the 30th. ••February•• ▬ Hannah turned 3 years old on Feb 9. ▬ John & I celebrated our 7th Anniversary ▬ It snowed like a foot around Valentines. ••March•• ▬ Skype Date with Tyler Ward. ▬ Fell & Broke my elbow. ▬ Bought my VIP ticket to see Tyler in Nashville. ▬…

  • 5 Must Haves for Fighting a Cold
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    5 Must Haves for Fighting a Cold

     Here are 5 items I always try to keep around the house when the kids have cough & colds. Besides always keeping Children’s Dimetapp on hand… Some other favorites are VapoRub, you can never have enough VapoRub on hand. Bath & Body Works hand sanitize, they always have them on sale for 5 for $5. Every time, I get a chance, I always go and get those and stick them around the house. The kids love them, they’re always keeping their hands clean, I can’t complain. Also another amazing item is chicken noodle soup, my personal favorite is Progresso’s chicken noodle, because it’s just better than the normal boring stuff. Lastly,…

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    5 Must Have Gifts To Calm Teething Babies For Under $20

    We have all been there, trying to find what works best for teething babies. As a mom of four, I’ve tried it all, here’s 5 products I recommend to parents! Without a doubt get you some  Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Gel, I was excited, just recently Jacob starting getting in 12 teeth at a time, that’s right 3 teeth on each side, top and bottom all at the same that. That means, he’s one happy baby! NOT! But if you’re looking for actual products, I suggest you get all of these below. Where you can buy the products –> ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE Baby Orajel™ Naturals…

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    What is Scentsy? Take My Money Now!

    I’ve always been a fan of Scentsy products. I’m a big fan of them, because for how much I love candles, they’re not always the safest around the kids, the scents aren’t always as strong. Also Scentsy has seriously step up its game and added a ton of other products, not just “candles”. Like they have a laundry section, which I haven’t been on the site in some time, so I didn’t have a clue. But found my new favorite section, let me tell you. The scents alone sound amazing. My long time friend from high school, Ashley asked me to review a few products from her. Ashley has also…

  • Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

    Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

    It’s almost Christmas, what a better time to share my top 5 favorite Christmas songs with you. These are not your normal Christmas songs, some of my true favorites, some you have heard, some you may not of. Either way, they’re really great choices. Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. Even if it sucks this year, I love it. Enough of me rambling on, enjoy the music! What songs do you think I should of added? Straight No Chasers – Christmas Can Can I love most of the songs that Straight No Chasers sings normally, but this is one of my favorite Christmas songs by them. Trans-Siberian Orchestra –…