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3 Self Care Tips with Aubert & Amandine Candles

This post is sponsored by Aubert & Amandine Candles. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Self care is important for your physical health as well as your mind, soul and, let’s face it, your overall health. Without self-care, your relationships with others can suffer tremendously. You don’t need over the top luxurious vacation and activities to have a successful self care day. The smallest things can go a long way toward a totally amazing self care day.


Aubert & Amandine’s fragrance products are designed with beauty and luxury in mind; beautiful, premium quality products that work well. Featuring sophisticated designs for the discriminating buyers that are both beautiful and practical.

Anyone can have a “nice” candle, but Aubert & Amandine candles have a highly concentrated fragrance formula of aromatherapy essential oils and fragrances to quickly deliver the aromatic benefits you demand.

Aubert & Amandine’s candles are made with high quality, all natural ingredients of soy wax and cotton wicks. No petroleum products that you’ll get in less expensive candle. This means your candle burns cleaner and more evenly. 

3 Self Care Tips with Aubert & Amandine Candles

If you’re struggling to take care of yourself due to the fast pace of your daily grind, consider following these tips.


1 . Netflix & Chill
3 Self Care Tips with Aubert & Amandine Candles

Yep, sometimes you just need to take a day to yourself, light a Relax candle from Aubert & Amandine, kick back and binge some Netflix. Sometimes you just need to find what works for you. When I am stressed out from one of my 2 jobs and just life itself, I need to just unwind from the day. I just finished Good Girls and I need something new to binge.

Let that tension melt away. Jasmine has been shown to have a sedating effect, so it can help reduce anxiety and tension. Sandalwood relaxes and soothes the mind, the Jasmine brings clarity.

2 . Take a bath

3 Self Care Tips with Aubert & Amandine Candles

Now ideally, when I want to take a bath, I want a tub that I can soak my whole body in.. However, I am 6 ft tall and my current tub doesn’t let me relax like I want to. However I still try. So dim the lights, turn on some music, get some bath bombs, light the candles and relax. You will thank me later.

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Indulge yourself or someone special with our luxuriously scented 3 candle gift set. With a range of essential oil scents and the flickering light of the candle, you can create the perfect ambiance. Aubert & Amandine has a 3 candle gift set which comes in the scents of Lavender Vanilla, Sandalwood Jasmine, & Cinnamon Apple. Relax is the choice stress relief candle for kicking back with a low stress mood.


3 . Read a book

3 Self Care Tips with Aubert & Amandine Candles

I like to light a candle, grab a book and just zone out for awhile. I am currently reading gmorning, gnight and it’s a totally relaxing book written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’m totally loving my Limited Edition Aromatherapy Scented Soy Candle w 3 Wick Candles.

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The cozy scents of apple and cinnamon promote relaxation and comfort. The apple scents freshen the sensual cinnamon that is sometimes used as a physical and emotional stimulant. Researchers have found that it reduces drowsiness, irritability, and the pain and number of headaches, and can improve performance several types of memory tasks.

3 Self Care Tips with Aubert & Amandine Candles

That’s why self-care is essential. Without proper self-care, you’re more likely to experience burnout, fatigue, and illness. So go grab yourself a few candles from Aubert & Amandine Candles and take yourself a break, you deserve it. You can follow them across social media on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.

What is your favorite self care tips?

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