2020 Got Me Stuck in Quarantine Gift Guide | #CTFDHGG2020

Before I jump into this health and safety quarantine gift guide, I want to ask you.. How many face mask do you own? I have…


Before I jump into this health and safety quarantine gift guide, I want to ask you.. How many face mask do you own? I have about 30 myself, minus the 10 I have for work, that I’m required to wear at work. Also check out the His & Hers Gift GuideKids Gift Guide, Foodie Gift Guide & Quarantine Gift Guide.

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2020 Got Me Stuck in Quarantine With These Must Haves

Face Masks

Giftgowns are the fun and functional hospital gowns designed to uplift the spirits of hospital and maternity patients. The brand has extended its line to offer the comfy face masks that are 100% cotton and double layered with space for a filter. They have cute and fun designs which bring a lot of smiles (under the mask of course) to people’s faces. Whether you’re looking for a reusable, and washable cotton face mask, or you just want to look stylish we’ve got you covered, literally. They’re a perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Does your audience want to give-back? For every mask sold, Indie Source donates one to a Los Angeles based front line worker. Indie Source is a clothing manufacturer which pivoted immediately when Angelenos were told they had to wear face masks in public. The manufacturing company nimbly adjusted its production capabilities to construct and ship out fabric face masks to those in need. 

For when the cold hits and you need to keep your face warm, these adorable new masks from SwaddleDesigns will keep you cozy. Available with cute prints such as steaming hot cocoa, penguins, and angels, as well as hilarious sayings, these masks are made from the same soft flannel of their award-winning swaddle blankets. 2-layer, 100% Cotton Flannel, and designed to filter airborne particles.

HMNKIND began with a simple thought: to do better. Their antibacterial fabrication is a patented wet polyurethane foam designed by K Beauty and Skincare industry experts. The masks are 99.9 percent antibacterial, and prevent 99.9 percent of UV rays. They are also clinically tested, and have superior quality against particle and viral filtration. Plus, they are the softest masks you will wear. The special material also helps prevent mask acne, or “maskne.” Child-size masks are available in XS.

This incredible L.A.-based brand is inspired by women. Lucy Paris blends together Parisian elegance, with a New York state of mind and California cool vibes. Their masks, like their clothing are a fashion statement. They are 100 percent cotton. They have a place for a filter, adjustable elastic straps and a comfortable chin cover. Plus, anyone who is working on the pandemic’s frontlines can have one for free! For every mask purchased, one is donated to those on the frontlines too.

Cleaning Products

A green, clean home will help focus your mind better on what’s important. Leading psychological research has correlated clutter and grime with stress! So give your mental health a break and pick up a towel and a bottle of Clean Republic’s natural green clean all purpose cleaner or their EPA approved Disinfectant + Sanitizer to wipe away all that stress and anxiety.

A dream clean product for those who loathe mopping floors! Take out, grab, and wipe old dust stuck in hard-to-reach places like a magnet. Cleans fine dust that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and even dirt stuck in the small crevices of a marble floor. Pure Sky’s multi-purpose cleaning cloths conveniently attach to the poll.  

With the holiday guests coming, you’ll want to clean, clean, CLEAN! Good Green Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, food-contact safe cleaner. The products are bio based, which means they are composed of renewable sources (including plants and organisms) found in nature and they pose no human health risks when in use. But yet they get the job done and clean exceptionally well. The bottles arrive empty, saving on shipping. Just fill with water, and twist on the recyclable “pod” to release cleaning agents and you’re good to go.

Shopping Must Haves

Lotus Trolley Bag sets keep your groceries organized and separated in the cart while giving you peace of mind as your purchases will never touch the shopping cart – resulting in less germs and a worry free experience! This genius system is invaluable as you transport your groceries from the shopping cart to your car and back into the house making the entire process from shopping to putting groceries away faster, easier and more convenient


  1. (2020 Got Me Stuck in Quarantine Gift Guide) I hear you about this subject, I am so tired of this now going on for months. I am ready for this to be all over with hopefully soon.

  2. Great ideas. I am looking for a good mask and these are super fun. I love they have a slit for adding in an additional filter if so desired.

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