Personal Goals for 2014 | #NewYearNewMe

Wednesday, January 22: What are some personal goals you’d like to work on this year? Make more friends. Like in real life, lol. What’s that you…


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Wednesday, January 22: What are some personal goals you’d like to work on this year?

  • Make more friends. Like in real life, lol. What’s that you ask? lol. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few hundred or so friends online, friends I’ve met through the years. I’ve been online to say for like 14 years, a LONG freaking time. Then all the amazing people I met on Myspace, that word alone means your old, if you know what Myspace is. lol. Anyways, I need to meet more bloggers in VA, more friends in VA. I need more friends in general. I had friends when we lived in MD, it was easy making friends in the military, the problem was when they moved away 🙁 But I’m still friends with a few with them. Either way.
  • Make better choices. Weather it’s about life, health, common sense, sleep or no sleep, people, life. Just make better choices in life to better myself, better my family, better my home & better my kids. Sometimes we make choices in life that effect how things work out for the good or bad, sooner or later. I just want to make more BETTER choices, than dumb choices. I know we learn from our mistakes, but how many times does it take, NOT to do those dumb mistakes again.
  • Need more Jesus. Yup, simple enough. We were going to a church here like 2 years ago, it was a weird church, they had some pretty crazy ways of thinking, but the people there were really nice, best part, they picked the kids & I up. They were so friendly, but just some crazy way of doing things. But since then, we lived down the street from like 3 churches, never went to any of them. Sad? I think so, more laziness. Long story short, we need to find a new church. We could all use a little more Jesus, it will be better for me, better for the kids, better for our marriage. That will also help out my first goal of making new friends as well. So there you go, 2 for 1 deal.

There’s plenty more, but I don’t want to overdo too many. Start small work up from there!

Personal Goals for 2014 | #NewYearNewMe

What are 3-5 goals for 2014?


  1. my goals it to make sure my 13 yr old daughter gets to the tenth grade when school starts back, it all depend on how the homeschool evaluator says how great she is doing, also moving into my new home. my 2 goals for now

  2. I have very straight forward goals.. I am on a weight loss journey and also am building my business to the next level.. this is going to be a great year!

  3. I agree with the meet more friends! I need to meet more girlfriends. I have more guyfriends, but sometimes it would be nice to have girl time ya know? I hear ya on that one!

  4. I definitely need more friends. I hardly have any real friends, maybe only 2. But I think I will make some new friends when I start college this fall or next spring.

    My sister wants to start going to a church, but since we’re non-denominational, we need to find a church like that as well,

    Oh, and did I mention that I am starting college in the fall or next spring? Yea, that’s a goal as well.

  5. Here are my few goals for 2014…
    1. Walk/jog a 5K in my community.
    2. Visit my parents at their home in Mississippi.
    3. Organize my photo albums and establish a solid backup system for my digital archives.
    Immediately scan and file my business expense receipts in a system that does not involve a shoe box.
    4. Commit to keeping a daily bullet journal.
    5. Cook at least two dinners at home per week.

  6. My goals for 2014 is also like you, make more friends in person, interact with people because I find that lately I have been hiding from the outside world. Also, I plan to be more healthy in terms of eating the right food and working out at least 4 times a week! And lastly, I want to be more patient with everything 🙂

  7. Lose weight, get organized, sleep more, laugh more, blog more, and I can’t even remember my others right now.. Oh wait! Save money and pay off debts too. Those are some of my goals. 😀

  8. I like the term goals better than resolutions. I am reading more and getting reviews posted. I have made some new friends. I need to finish more things I start.

  9. Great goals! My goals for 2014 are to change my eating habits (more fruits and veggies and less sugar..TOUGH!), more water and read the Bible. I knew I wouldn’t have time to read it, so I found it on CD and listen to it while I work! Its amazing! So inspiring!

  10. My goal is to lose the last 13 lbs to my goal. Lost 42 last year, I am in maintenance at the moment. The most important is believe I truly need to work on my faith and that is the main goal for 2014. Believe and Succeed.

  11. Hi Natalie, I like your short list… I started laughing when I read how you live near 3 churches and go somewhere else. Same here. One goal I have this year is to keep my wishes close to my heart.

  12. My 3 goals – make more friends, increase activity to be healthier, and to start paying down my debt. These are some lofty goals but not ones out of reach. We can do it together. We just need to commit to them.

  13. I would loke to be more health conscious next year. But I think my biggest goal is to try to make more quality family time. I can be with my kids, but I really want to BE with my kids.

  14. These are great goals. I think you will find that as you go to church you will also be able to make friends there that will be a great support for you and your family. Having Christ in your life will truly make everyday better.
    Right now I am focusing on getting out of debt and losing weight. Both of which are too hard. lol.

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