People Pleasing The Wrong People | #confessions

People Pleasing The Wrong People | #confessions

There comes a point when People Pleasing The Wrong People becomes too much. When all you think about is how YOU can make people like you more, make people think you’re HOT, make people think YOU’RE WORTH IT. You are doing it wrong, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. You need to learn to do these things for you and you alone. You weren’t put on this earth to please other people, you were put here to be happy, to make yourself happy, to make yourself worth it, to make yourself feel pretty, to make yourself amazing. YOU, the keyword here is YOU, not them, they aren’t the keyword. It’s YOU! YOU & YOU ONLY! No one else. You will drive yourself crazy trying to please other people, because you will change YOURSELF so much, you won’t be YOURSELF anymore. Where’s the YOU in that..

Stop pleasing people & please yourself, please God, but please, please, please stop trying to please the people around you. Because if they can’t accept you being yourself. They don’t deserve you. They can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at  your best. It’s a fact. I know it may be hard to understand now, but once you figure this out, it’s the best thing ever! Be Happy for you! Because at the end of the day, all you have is yourself. You’re Happy! You’re Beautiful. You’re Worth it!

People Pleasing The Wrong People | #confessions

I’ve been told, all my life
that I should never do something just to please others.
But everything we do in life is to please others.
We work to please our boss.
We do schoolwork to please our professors.
We try to make our parents proud of us.
We seek approval from ones we love.
I feel that I should not seek love from people who don’t five it,
But I do.
I do things I know I should not.
My life is chaos,
Yet I seek order.
My life is full of contradiction that
Complicates and stabilizes
My mind,
my faults,
And my Sanity.

Hey! I'm Natalie and I live in North Carolina. I'm a single mama of four awesome kiddos. These are my thoughts on life, motherhood, fitness and everything in between.


  • Amanda

    This sounds like me so much.. I go out of my way to do things for people all the time.. It stresses me out and then it always goes unnoticed or the criticism for something else outweighs anything positive I’ve done.

  • R U S S

    I once went out with someone who’s a pleaser. I know there’s a deeper psychological reason why he’s like that. I did understand, but it eventually got tiring. The relationship spun downhill because he got to a point that he struggled to manage his time – he was too busy getting people to like him, to approve of him.

    He says ‘yes’ all the time and ends up complaining that he really didn’t want to do it, etc. Then you’d start doubting his sincerity when he does something because you no longer know if he’s doing because he willing wants to or he’s just obliged to.

    It’s not healthy.

  • Boonie

    It’s really good words to follow… And the longer we’ve lived life, the harder it is to undo a habit to please others. I think it takes conscious effort, and having someone encourage that respect for oneself can help too. Thank you!

  • Jhady

    Totally agree with you not to please other people because you can’t please everybody. I learn to please God instead and that whatever I do, do it for the glory of God. That is the most important thing in life. My happiness comes from who I am in Christ and family, friends are extra bonus to my joy.

  • franckxethee

    I guess we can only be the best person we can be and hopefully that person is the one that would please the most people. Trying to please everybody is the best way to displease people.

  • The New Classy

    So many people go out of their way for others and it isn’t appreciated. I select my friends way more carefully than I used to. I think that is just something that we learn with age.

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