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    20+ Totally Worthy Autumn Recipes To Try This Fall

    Am I the only one who is over Summer and hot temperatures? I sure hope not. With cooler temperatures comes all those great autumn scents and autumn recipes right in time for Thanksgiving. Throughout the new few months, I am going to gather some of my favorite recipes from all types of bloggers and share those Autumn recipes with you now. Instant Pot Turkey & Sweet Potato Chili If you are on the hunt for the best Instant Pot turkey and sweet potato chili in the world, you found it. This recipe is my tried and true sweet potato chili that I have been making for years. Creamy, protein-packed, sweet potato loaded, spiced up chili that…

  • Jack O' Lantern Cheese Quesadillas
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    Jack O’ Lantern Cheese Quesadillas

    I was trying to come up with some fun and simple recipes for the kids this Halloween and this Jack O’ Lantern Cheese Quesadillas. We have a few weeks before Halloween and I want to share one of a my kid’s favorite meals with all of ya’ll. In fact, this is honestly good any time of the year, you can cut out whatever you want on the top layer In fact, these would be great any night in October and will be a hit with your kids! Both are simple, require minimal ingredients and are so yummy. Here is what you’ll need to make these festive recipes… How to make a …

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    Asking For A Friend : How To Thrive Being Single

    Have you ever felt singled out when you have gone to church? Asking for a friend. I walked into church today feeling singled out, because normally just me and my daughter go to church. Most everyone there is happily married with children or have been married for years. There are people who have been going to that church since they were little kids. I already feel like an outsider most of the time, but more or less being single and going to church is hard. Last Sunday, the preacher told us they were starting a new series: about questions you have always wanted the answers to and the first one…

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    10+ Instagram Worthy Walt Disney World Photo Walls

    When you think Walt Disney World, I’m sure your first thought is Mickey Mouse, Hollywood Studios and the magical fireworks that light up the sky. Those all make for great instagram worthy pictures, but for your next visit you should check out these popular Instagram Worthy Walt Disney World Photo Walls. The Purple Wall The Purple Wall is located at Magic Kingdom, near Tomorrowland Terrace. As you’re crossing the bridge to Tomorrowland, it will be on the right. There are now two versions of this famous photo spot – the original solid purple and a new galactic purple. IG: @purplewallphotos, @galacticpurplewall View this post on Instagram I whip my hair back…

  • Not Your Mama's Spicy Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili + Heartburn Relief
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    Not Your Mama’s Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili + Occasional Heartburn Relief

    I received compensation from Alka-Seltzer® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own. #MyFoodMoment #CollectiveBias One of our favorite recipes throughout the year, no matter how the weather is treating us, would have to be a big bowl of black bean sweet potato chili. The only problem I always run into when eating a big bowl of chili would be the fact that I’ll get occasional heartburn and sleeplessness right before going to bed. Anyone that gets occasional heartburn before bed can tell you, it feels horrible. I’ve tried a number of different things over the years, none have really helped. Until the other day I was at Walmart…

  • Update your Skincare Routine with NeoStrata | #neostrataregimen
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    Update your Skincare Routine with NeoStrata | #neostrataregimen

    I’m not much of a makeup kind of person, however beauty skincare routine is about as far as it gets for me. I’ve always battle with acne over the years, more now because I work around foods and I have a lot of stress in my life. I’m currently trying NeoStrata  for my skincare routine. Personally I think to get a good review out of a product you need at least a month to get solid thoughts on a product, however I only had a week and that’s not nearly enough time for me. But I’ll using the product and give another update in a month, but so far so good on…