Nsync at the VMAs 2013

Let’s go back 13 years.. I had just about everything you could think of when it came to Nsync. I thought if I saved it all, one day it would be worth something. Right? Well, truth be told, I still everything except for the posters. I have pictures of everything, I got to find those pictures. Besides having way more Nsync items than I like to admit to. I also was lucky enough to see them in concert THREE times! My favorite by far was the tickets we won to HAWAII to see Nsync LIVE in court on New Years ’99 – Yep! I was the happiest 13 year old EVER!


So I was watching the VMAs and then this happened…

Nsync at the VMAs 2013

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for MTV) | Nsync at the VMAs 2013

If you were watching the VMAs you know that long 15 minute song fest that Justin Timberlake had, then in the middle of all those throwbacks, all of the members of Nsync show up, then everyone loses their mind. You did too? Don’t worry, I did as well. My kids thought I lost my mind. Don’t worry if you missed it, I included the video. Now if they would just do a tour again, I would be so happy.

What’s your favorite Nsync song? What’s your favorite Justin Timberlake song? Who was your favorite member of Nsync?

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