Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

While we were on the way back to Delaware from our trip to Kentucky, we decided to actually stop by the Natural Bridge State Resort Park this time instead of just passing this on the highway.

Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

My husband had went several times as a child and wanted our kids to experience this as well.  I have to say, this is one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen and it makes it even better that I got to share this with my children. Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

There were several hotel/motel options around the resort but we decided on the Lodge that is right by the Natural Bridge. It is an older lodge so the rooms aren’t updated and there is no fridge/microwave in the rooms. Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family AdventureThey beds were comfortable and the view from the balcony was stunning. For the price (around $120), it was worth it for the views, proximity to attractions,and the pool!Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

The Sky Lift is a must. But if you feel froggy, then there are several different trails to hike up to the top of the bridge. We had a long drive ahead the next day and decided that the lift was our best option.

We didn’t take into consideration that our youngest child would not like the lift and with very little holding you in the seat, I would make sure, if you bring kids, that they are comfortable riding the lift.

Once we got to the top, we decided that it was in our best interest to walk the trails back down.Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

We packed snacks, water, and sunscreen with us because it was very hot that day. We were also all equipped with clothing and shoes that we appropriate.

Because we had planned to walk some of the trails, just not the entire way down. The trails are clearly marked and although some of the terrain was tough, we made it down!

PRO TIP: If you stay at the resort, drive to the pool! There are stairs down to the pool but after all that hiking, your legs will thank me!

There is a local gem there by the resort – Miguel’s Pizza! It was quite possibly the best pizza I have ever had and there are so many options! I also tried the BLT and it was heavenly! The atmosphere is fun and spunky and its a unique find with amazing food!

Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure

We didn’t use the buffet at the resort for dinner but we had breakfast there the next morning. The food wasn’t included with the room but very reasonably priced and the food was DELICIOUS.

The portions were large and everyone was full. We didn’t get to stay long because it was a quick trip but we are already planning another trip there!

The Natural Bridge State Resort Park is located at 2135 Natural Bridge Rd, Slade, KY 40376.

Have you ever been to the Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Kentucky?


  • Kathy

    That looks like such a great place to be. I could really go for a vacation, and this spot would be perfect. My whole family would love it there.

  • Ann Snook

    I have heard of this place before but have never gotten to visit Kentucky yet! I think I would rather do the hiking trails than the ski lift. I’m super afraid of heights so being in control on foot would be less scary haha.

  • Tami

    I agree that is definitely a decent price for a resort room in that area. I personally choose based on the proximity to the attractions. The view and pool are just added bonuses, in my opinion.

  • Geekdad248

    Kentucky is close enough to Michigan it makes for a convenient place for us to go on family road trips. I hadn’t heard of this place before but this post peeked my interest. Will definitely be looking into a future visit! Of course we’ll be wanting some pizza while there 🙂

  • Debbie P

    How beautiful! I have never heard of this place before. But I absolutely want to go there. I live in Illinois so it is not too far away. Thanks for the article.

  • Natalie

    Whenever I travel I love going to National and State parks because of their beauty and trails! I will have to check this one out!

  • June S.

    (Natural Bridge State Resort Park Slade, KY | A Ruhm Family Adventure) This place sounds amazing to visit. It sounds like a place that my oldest son would really enjoy seeing and hiking through with some of his friends.

  • Kathy Eyre

    I’ve never heard of this before, but it seems like you guys had a blast! I have a bunch of friends that live in Ohio, this would be a great road trip for them.

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