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Keepin’ Cool This Summer With My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

This post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own

I don’t know about you, but around here in North Carolina we have some crazy summertime weather. We can have all four seasons in one week normally, but the summertime is the worst. We get these crazy humid summers where it goes above 100 degrees most days. So stop with the boring snacking and make your chosen bites more bold, beautiful and all around better with these My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream balls!Keepin' Cool This Summer With My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

What the heck is Mochi?

It’s a sweet rice dough that was made popular in Japan and traditionally it’s stuffed with some sort of ingredients — in my honest opinion I think ice cream is the best filler. It’s a nice smooth, cold snack for any time of the day. The best way to eat it is to let it sit out from the freezer for like a minute or two.Keepin' Cool This Summer With My/Mo Mochi Ice CreamWhat I love most about My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream snacks is it’s perfect for any time of the day, whether it’s a midnight snack or a before lunch – it’s good anytime of the day. These are also a fun snack to eat alone or with friends and family members. I see a few of these with some friends over the weekend.Keepin' Cool This Summer With My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

We went to our local Lowes store this morning and picked up 3 boxes – strawberry, sweet mango & cookies n cream. You can check out on their website to see where you can pick up your own box of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream at.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream has 8 sweet flavors, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate Chip, Sweet Mango, Ripe Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Green Tea, Double Chocolate.

Have you ever had My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream? What’s your favorite flavor of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream?

Check out My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream’s site for more information & location options!

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is currently having a contest for a chance to win ice cream for 1 Year and a ticket to the MOIC in SF for a private event on July 31! So awesome! GO ENTER HERE!

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