Moving on to Better with Tyler Ward

Moving on to Better with Tyler Ward

Moving on to Better with Tyler Ward

See, I totally meant to post this blog post sooner. But life has been crazy over the last month, but at the same time, life has been totally life changing over the last month. A lot has changed, for the better. I have gained a lot in that time frame. Honestly, last month was the best month this whole year. Besides the fact, I saw Tyler in concert 3 times within 4 days, that’s besides the fact. HA! I got to meet some of my TW Family friends and friends I’ve met before at TW shows. Overall it was amazing.

So Tyler Ward’s tour is called the Yellow Boxes Tour – Moving on to Better! Like it? I do. Basically means, we’re being vulnerable and stop dwelling on the past and move on the what lies ahead. Seems easier said than done. I know I personally will stick with being unhappy, because it’s a place where I’m used to be. I was used to getting treated like crap, but I was comfortable in that. That was the lifestyle I lived for so long. But with tears and a few great friends, I learned that I deserve so much better. With a little faith and some amazing friends. I’ll make it. I found this quote the other day, “No one is busy in this world, it’s all about priorities.” It’s true, these friends are the type of friends who are ALWAYS there for you. There’s not enough people in the world like that. People will claim to be your friend, but when you really need them, will they be there?

But what stands out most about this tour, compared to the other ones I’ve seen. It was more raw, more intimate, more real. It was life changing, not just for Tyler, but for every person who went to the shows. I saw him 3 times and each time was different, each time I was changed, each time I cried like a little baby. But not because I was sad, not because of what I’ve been through, but because it took Tyler being vulnerable with all of us, to show that it’s okay that we’re not perfect, it’s okay we have made mistakes, it’s okay to be broken, it’s okay to not be okay, because you’re not alone. Being able to walk away with some sort of pride to say, yea I went through some pretty terrible things, but I am strong, I am still here, I am a fighter, I am a survivor.

SHOW #1 – Atlanta, GA 10/2

The first show was 6 hours away, in Atlanta, GA. I took Hailey with me to the concert, she didn’t stick around long after the show. But this show was amazing for a few reasons. I made these awesome shirt designs, I tried to send them to Tyler before the tour started, but was late, they were ALMOST the tour shirts, like how awesome is that? Pretty awesome. I was excited that I was getting to meet Alisha, Morgan & Sanjaana, which I also met through Tyler via FB. Got to meet them for the first time. To our surprise, we were able to also meet Elena who is Germany fan/friend #1 we met. Which was awesome. What’s the odds of 2 Germany fans/friends within one tour? #WhatsTheOdds (inside joke). The above photo we snapped after the show, right before we had to all leave. Last but not less, we got to see Brynn Elliot, which if you haven’t heard of her, her voice is UH-Mazing! I saw her TWICE last year on Tyler’s tour. I love her! It was great seeing her!

SHOW #2 – Carrboro, NC 10/3

That’s right, back to back shows. See, It was going to be just me going to the NC show. But after the GA show, we went to Hard Rock Cafe (which I’ve never been to one before, how exciting!) It was Elena, Sanjaana, Morgan, Alisha & I. We’re sitting there. At 2am, we decided that Morgan, Sanjaana & Alisha were going to travel the 6 hours back to NC so we can all surprise Tyler & the crew. Tyler alreaedy knew I would be there, so not much of a surprise. I was able to bring my sister along, for her first ever Tyler show! She even got a picture with him. So Eppic has this addiction to Chickfila’s sweet tea, so my sister & I drove all over Chapel Hill trying to find one to get a big gallon of sweet tea. We gave it to him, he LOVED IT! We were also blessed with seeing Anna Clendening, which is UH-AMAZING! After the show, we were so hungry! So we hit up this place across the parking lot of the place Tyler played at. We were chillin’ then we saw Tyler and the gang across the room. Then we were looking through the menu and I noticed the Oero Cheesecake. Any Tyler Ward fan knows his love for some oeroes.. So this is how the convo went down… the waiter comes up to our table and I am like… “We have a stranger request.. we want to get this cheesecake, but it’s not for us, we want to buy it and send it to this other table…”  (this is where we point to Tyler in the jean jacket) He’s like.. “Let me pretend to walk in there so I make sure I get the right guy…” so he walks over there and points out him and we’re all YEA YEA!” Then he walks out before taking it to Tyler and says, “Anything you want me to tell him..” We said, “Just tell it its from the table out here…” So he walks it to him, of course we’re all looking and getting all excited. Then all we hear is, “OMG YOU GUYS!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?” Then brings out the cheesecake and spoons and shares it with us. Let me tell you, it was amazing, the cheesecake that is. Then the waiter took a picture of us… Let’s just say that guy got amazing tips that night!

SHOW #3 – Vienna, VA 10/6

Because two shows weren’t enough! That’s right, three shows in 4 days. More or less, each show was different, each time I was more vulnerable, each time, it was life changing.. by the end, I was ready to move on to better. I was ready to let go from what was holding me back. I also was able to meet my friend Amy, who I’ve seen the last two times I’ve seen Tyler at Jammin Java. Also while waiting in line, I met another girl that I met last year, which was awesome! The crowd in VA was amazing. A few times, Tyler referred to us as “the choir”. Because we were always there to sing with him or for him. His famous line is, “If you don’t know the lyrics then shame on you…” Which he admitted to us, that when he makes YouTube videos, the lyrics are on the wall.

Awesome right? Trust me, this video doesn’t do it justice, it was amazing in person to see. Lesson learned though, don’t stand right in front of the microphone, it blocked most of the pictures, but that’s all good. My phone was being super glitchy, so this video was from my friend next to me, Lisa! See I met Lisa through Tyler via Facebook and this concert was the first time I met her! How awesome right? So awesome. She was the 2nd German fan I met! There’s a few more videos from all 3 shows, you can check out my YouTube channel, here.

The last five years has seriously been an up and down battle with life itself. But something I’ve learned over the years was having a few people by your side through the thick and thin is always the best thing. Some days, most days were bad. Like if I got laundry done for the day, that was me being productive. With everything that has happened in the last 5 years in my personal life really took a toll on me personal. My addictions, my failed marriage, myself. I lost myself for the longest times. I had to fill this void in my life, instead of talking to someone, I just turned to other things which weren’t the greatest idea either. I should of turned to God, but I placed him on the back burner. I look back and think if I just did things differently. But the truth is, we go through the heartache and struggles, because they make us the strong people we are today. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t go through those things. Yes, they were hard, extremely hard, but I am here today. That’s what matters.

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You have to have a strong support system to survive, the sooner you realize that, the better off you are. For me, it wasn’t easy, I had to really loose myself and everything around me, before I realize what was happening. Thankful to have family that cares, friends that care, friends who are like my second family, that’s what gets me through. I can’t forget the man up stairs, He has great plans for me… Being able to share my stories, share my sadness, share my journey has been like therapy for me, knowing that what I have gone through, others have to and that it will help someone else. That’s all I want to get out of this. Besides the unforgettable memories. I am thankful for the TW Family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They’re amazing human beings and I love them to pieces!

Sanjaana, Morgan & Alisha, I love you ladies! It wasn’t until the concert, finally meeting ya’ll that we have this un-breakable bond and that’s amazing! I love you ladies, so much! You just don’t know. Well you do know! I can’t wait for us to hangout again. Ashley, Christina, Ali & Anna, you ladies are my Jesus squad. I can always depend on you for some amazing inspiring words of wisdom. THANKFUL FOR YOU! Everyone else in the Tyler Ward Family, my heart is filled with love from everyone there! I love our projects & skype chats! I’m blessed to have you in my life!

So huge shoutout to Tyler Ward, Danny Padilla, Eppic, Brynn Elliott, Anna Clendening, & Mara ( the best manager ever) Ya’ll made the month of October so worth it! Thanks for your amazing music and I’m thankful to have you in my life. Here’s a few picture with friends from the three shows! Until next time 🙂


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