Movie Review – The Conjuring

I was able to screen this movie tonight with my sister & her friend. I give this movie a 10 out of 10 stars, worth paying for! Learn about the movie, here.

I won’t leak any details about this movie, if anyone goes to see it. I will tell you, it’s worth paying for, but you will shit your pants. I’m one for scary movies, I love them.. I’ve never been scared before.. a good 20 minutes in, I was ready to leave, but as you know, you can’t just leave, because you wont know how it will end. It was good, you know how some scary movies, would play scary music, then something scary happens.. they had the scary music and scary parts but would catch you totally off guard. The guys that screened the movie, walked out like they seen a ghost, the one guy was like.. “It wasn’t that scary, but I’m not sleeping tonight..” later he said, “maybe I should start going to church..” haha Here’s a list of things, I learned after watching this movie.

1. Always have your feet covered when you sleep.
2. If you wake to a noise, don’t look under the bed or open your eyes.
3. Don’t buy a creepy house, even if it’s cheap.
4. Ask for the carmax for your house.
5. Don’t play Hide & Clap.
6. Go to Church & get baptist.
7. If there’s a wardrobe in your house when you get it, MOVE! Don’t stay.
8. If your kids are talking to “invisible people” LEAVE!
9. Don’t screen scary ass movies at night.
10. Bring a hoodie, you will get goosebumps.

I do have to see this movie again, so I can see all the parts I missed, I didn’t watch a few scary parts & posted on FB & texted John. I informed John, we AREN’T getting a house with a basement & we’re not living in the country by water or creepy looking trees. He giggled.

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