Let’s Collab!

Let’s Collab!

Founder/Publisher/Editor: Natalie Holland
Contact Me: calmtheforkdown@gmail.com
Location: Burlington, North Carolina
Start Date: November 2011

Meet Natalie – Founder & Content Creator

I’m the sweet tea obsessed owner of Calm The Fork Down. I just recently quit my toxic job to totally change my career path, what is that path you ask? I am not sure, but it wasn’t what I was doing. My passion is forever graphic design + social media, so I want to focus on that more than I was before. I am a single mom of four amazing children who are 17, 14, 10 & 8 years old.

About Calm The Fork Down

Calm The Fork Down recently had a name changed from Utterly Amazing. I am really digging the new name change personally. It’s hilarious and pretty much describes my personality. This blog is 10+ years old. Basically what I’m getting at is I blog about everything. If I had to narrow it down to a few things, I would stick with Life + Wellness, Shopping, Food, DIY Projects, Entertainment and Traveling.

Brands I’ve recently worked with:

FamePick, UHSM, HeR Interactive, Intellifluence, Zumper, Walmart, Ubisoft, The Succulents Box, Gudpod, Warners Bros Entertainment & more

Popular Topics:

Wellness: It’s simple, self care and mental health are important. I’ve shared personal life struggles and positive things.

Family/Relationships: I have a lot of topics about all sorts of family and relationship issues and parenting.

Shopping: Gift Guides are my top favorite things to make, i like to make things easier for the person shopping! Also money saving tips, who doesn’t love those.

Entertainment: Everything from concerts to comedy shows. Favorite shows/movies and more.

DIY Projects: Yes, who doesn’t love a good DIY project.

Food: I’ve worked in food service for most of my life and did culinary for 4 years. I love cooking and sharing recipes that spark joy.

2020 Featured On:

A Working Single Mom {5 Steps of Finding Love Again }

Not So Crafty Momma Blog { Upcycled Clothing Projects}

Social Stats as of December 2020

Pinterest: 7000 – 125k monthly views
Instagram: 18300
Facebook: 5500
Twitter: 10000
YouTube: 1400
Tiktok: 31000 – 300,000 monthly views
TOTAL REACH : 73400 followers

Connecting Locally – Burlington, North Carolina

I love the community that I live in, I absolutely love covering local events and connecting locally. I live in Burlington, NC which is 30 minutes from Greensboro, 30 minutes from Raleigh. I am open to covering any events, attractions, or locations in North Carolina area. I am open to writing restaurant reviews, attending local events, covering restaurant/store openings, and attending any press events.

Requirements: I require 2 tickets, preferably press passes/VIP/full-access tickets so I can get the most out of my experience. If you’re a local restaurant, we require full complimentary meals for two guests.

Travel: I require the company to cover travel expenses and hotel accommodations for anything over 50 miles from Burlington, NC. If the trip is longer than 2 days then I require a per diem for food. I’m willing to compromise depending on the event.

Places I’ve been recently : Greenville, South Carolina was the last place I visited.

Sponsored Content:

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Have something else in mind? Contact me! For all sponsored opportunities, payments are made via PayPal.

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