How To Increase Blog Traffic With Link Parties

What Are Link Parties & Why Are They Important?

A link party is basically when one blogger or a group of bloggers get together to throw a “party” where other bloggers can “link up” a blog post from their site onto the blogger hosting the “link up party”. It’s simple really… It makes our post visible to everyone in the link up and every blog that link up party is posted on. Sometimes there’s a “blog feature” option the host does, which brings double the traffic you had before. It’s also a great way to find other bloggers, traffic & great finds.

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Link Parties

The bigger the blog, the more traffic you will receive →

You have to remember that the bigger the blog, the more popular the link party will be. It’s highly important that you keep track of the day and time the link party is active, so you can get your link within the first 20 links. After the first 20, you normally get lost in the crowd. I’ve apart of link parties that had 10-20 links and then some had 100+ links. However, if you keep up with the link parties, you will get traffic each time, because you become of the regulars.

Your thumbnail and make or break you →

When you’re competing with other thumbnails, you really need yours to stand out from the others. You have to think about what image will catch the reader’s attention and make them want to click on your post. If you have a crappy image or hard to read text, chances are you won’t get any traffic. But, if you have a good thumbnail image with clear text to your post, you got a better chance for more traffic.

Read the Link Parties Rules→

Before you do anything on any link party, READ THE RULES! I can’t tell you how important this is! Some hosts want you to link back to the party or put a button on your sidebar. Some link parties let you link up one time or more. It’s highly important to always read the rules first. Always make sure your blog post is ON TOPIC to whatever the link up is as well.

Don’t link and run →

No one likes someone who expects the traffic, but doesn’t want to put in the work. If you’re linking up – it’s always nice to visit other blogs and especially the host(s). Leave a comment on their link party post. Chances are, you will get a comment in return. Be active within the link party, it will always pay out in the long run. You will also end up loving

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