How to SAVE MONEY with Apps!

The other day I told you how you can save money & earn cash back with Ebates, LivingSocial & Gropons.. Today I’m going to share with…



The other day I told you how you can save money & earn cash back with Ebates, LivingSocial & Gropons.. Today I’m going to share with you how I save money with the following 5 apps! Some of these work on your computer as well, in case you don’t have a smartphone, they’re super easy! Being a single mom of four kids, I’m all about saving money where I can. I love a good deal and I love sharing those deals with you! I use all of these on my phone & on the laptop, the ones that let me that is! Here’s how to save money with apps!

1. E-Bates


I posted about E-bates over here at Ebates, LivingSocial & Gropons oh my! But the run down is. You earn cash back shopping your favorite stores online. About four times a year or more, we’ll mail you a Big Fat Check, or transfer the money to your PayPal account if you’d prefer. We can even send the money to your favorite charity. All 100% free. Here’s the Ebates Button you can add to your computer, it’s easier for shopping.

2. Boxed Wholesale


**BONUS 2.0% CASH BACK when you activate your E-bates Button!**

Works on Website or iPhone/Android. Must order  at least $29 per order is required. There’s no membership fees + free to join & it ships only within the US currently. Most orders qualify for free shipping, but first you must meet a minimum order amount which varies by state. The minimum order amount is provided in your cart summary page. When you first sign up you get 250 reward points.When you earn 500 reward points that equals $5 off your order (1000 = $10 off, 1500 = $15 off) etc etc. Use “P532A” at checkout to get $10 off your first order as well as FREE SHIPPING.

3. Ibotta


Ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for everyday purchases. There’s simple little task to do in order to get your few cents off on certain items. Be sure to read the fine print on some items (learned that the hard way once, lol). Once you buy the item from the store you have selected, just scan the bar-code and you will receive the cash back! Ibotta has exclusive rebates at your favorite grocery stores, retailers and online shops.

4. Checkout 51


Checkout 51 is the easiest way to save money on groceries from the brands you love! Redeem exclusive offers and deals when you go shopping every week, and we’ll send you cash back. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: Browse the offers that are updated every Thursday. Buy the products from any store and take a photo of your receipt to redeem your deal, then you earn cash back!

5. Snap by Groupon


Snap by Groupon gives you cash back on everyday grocery purchases – no matter where you shop. It’s like having grocery coupons on your mobile phone, but way better! Earn $20 in cash back and we’ll send you a check. It’s that simple. Any of the offers work at all stores!! No more hassle with clipping coupons, all you have to do is download the app, browse the offers before you go shopping, purchase the item and snap a picture of it and get cash back to your account!

**bonus 6.0% CASH BACK when you activate your E-bates Button!**

Some honorable mention apps would be, Walmart Saving Catcher, Cartwheel (Target), StubHub (where I get football tickets, haha) just to name a few.

What’s your favorite app for saving money or cash back?

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  1. When I lived in Canada, I should’ve really taken full advantage of sites like ebates when I did a ton of online shopping. Down here in the USA my PayPal is empty (lol sad day) and I don’t have a bank account … YET. But I’ve heard amazing things about Checkout 51 which I think you can use without having a chequing account… if I’m not mistaken. Either that or I can hook it up to my husbands account (he better give me all my monies back haha)

    1. I had a bank account, but then closed it.. My paypal isn’t hooked to one, lol.. Gotta find a good bank that doesn’t have stupid monthly fees.. lol

  2. I LOVE SAVING MONEY… who doesn’t?! Unfortunately right now, I’m living in Costa Rica where couponing isn’t a thing at all! I would love to use some of these great ideas and apps when I am back in the States though! It always makes me giddy… and a little jealous… when I see people posting about all their awesome savings, and I’m stuck buying according to the laws of supply and demand : ( At least it’s not snowing I guess lol

  3. I LOVE money saving apps, a penny saved is a penny going towards new handbags, lol. I haven’t heard of some of these before so I’m definitely going to check them out. I made a goal to save more money this year and that’s not going so well but hopefully with these apps, I can turn that around.

  4. I’ve never heard of any of these except Groupon! I feel so behind haha. I guess it’s because I am not a couponer… only clip those I find in the paper. Love saving money though so maybe I should get into it!

  5. When all of my college friends got together over New Years, everyone was RAVING about ebates. I have yet to join, but maybe I will join this today!

  6. I love using apps that save me money!! Cash back with Ebates is one of my favorites since I love to shop online!! Groupon is my other favorite to get great deals locally and when we travel places!

  7. I have heard of mostly all of these money saving apps. However, for some crazy reason I do not use any of them. When shopping online I go through SwagBucks depending on the store but that is about it.

  8. I love using apps to save money! We use Ibotta and Ebates/Rakuten regularly around here. Its so easy to use and its fun to save money and have it sent to my paypal! Boxed Wholesale is a new one for me. I need to check that out!

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