DIY: Make An Iron On T-shirt Design At Home

DIY: Make An Iron On T-shirt Design At Home

I always found myself buying t-shirts with sayings and whatnot on them. Then it hit me, I can make these all myself and save so much more money. Here’s a simple tutorial – How To Make An Iron On T-shirt Design At Home – It’s super simple. I made shirts like these for friend’s wedding shower as well as shirts to wear to a concert for friends. Here’s a few of the shirts, I’ve made so far. The one below I wore to a concert. I had a lot of people comment on how they loved the shirt too.

How To Make An Iron On T-shirt Designs At Home

How To Make An Iron On T-shirt Design At Home

STEP ONE: Print & Trim Transfer Sheet

Some of the transfer sheets I got you auto-flipped the transfer sheet and some you don’t. You have to read the instruction on whatever packet you buy. There’s tons of different kinds, I got mine from Hobby Lobby but if you can’t get out you can get them from Amazon. The Amazon one is more for your buck, I’ll have to order these next time. I also got my shirts from Hobby Lobby as well, honestly you can get them where ever you want to though. I personally got the ones that you flip the graphic/text. Print it out – LET IT DRY before putting it on the shirt. Trim around the extra white area, but leave about 1 inch around the image/text.

How To Make An Iron On T-shirt Design At Home

STEP TWO: Iron on to Shirt

After you print out the shirt and trip the extra white area. Put your shirt on a ironing board. Make sure your image is in the spot you want it and make sure it’s straight. (made that mistake once, lol). Turn on the iron and let it sit for about 5 minutes and make sure the steam is OFF. Make sure you move the iron around on the image and not in one area or it will burn. Follow directions on transfer sheets.

How To Make An Iron On T-shirt Design At Home

STEP THREE: Let Cool & Peel Away

When you are done ironing it on the shirt, it cool before you pull it off the shirt. It should come right off and leave the design on the shirt. When washing the shirts use cold water and turn them inside out for best results.


Now I have a few template designs on my etsy shop and I make can make custom designs as well. But this tutorial works with any template you use as long as you’re able to print it on to iron-on transfer sheets. If you use this tutorial to make a shirt design, please show me, I’ll love it see it!

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