How To Make A Holiday Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

How To Make A Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

If you have Pinterest, you have seen a gift guide for just about everything under the sun. It’s the newest & easiest way to make a wishlist for yourself and others. Below I am going to show you a quick and easy way to making your own giftguide with these 5 easy steps. It might seem hard, but it’s really easy, I promise you.

How To Make A Holiday Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

1) Pick a theme

Sounds simple right, it can be anything. A color, a sport, a team, a brand, a person, honestly it can be anything under the sun. For example, I made a Football theme one dedicated to a Washington Redskins fan for under $50. I’ve also made one dedicated for my love of Starbucks coffee. Yassss Starbucks is life 😉

First off, get some inspiration, you need a theme. Here’s a few gift guides I’ve made over the years.

2) Choose your products

This is the fun part. Pick products that are related to the theme. Save the images to your computer. You will also need the name, the price and if you want a description of the product. It all really depends on how much information you want on your blog or sharing on social media.

3) Creating a Collage

I use photoshop, because I have it, but if you don’t have photoshop, I recommend using PicMonkey. You can get a 7 day free trial, after that it’s $5.99 a month.

How To Make A Holiday Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

If that doesn’t work for you, check out – You can also make collages there as well, it’s up to you!

How To Make A Holiday Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

4) Adding Products to Gift Guide Collage

How To Make A Holiday Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

There’s an easy and not as easy way when it comes to adding the products to the collage. You can just have the picture alone and then the shopping link & description under it. Or the other thing you can do is make an image map, which is pretty simple, here’s how.

How To Make A Holiday Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

Right click your mouse over the image you want to add a link to. Select “create rect” the click the little boxes to make the box bigger then a popup will look like this orange one and you add the product link & hit save. It should turn red, then repeat for the other products.

5. ) Get Your Code & Post It On Blog

Once you have all the products listed, right click your mouse and scroll down to “get code”. Once a popup shows up, click the “get html” tab and scroll down for the code. Select all and then post it on your blog. It would look like this below, just hover over the images.


So whatcha waiting for, let’s make some gift guides! I’m kicking off a Monthly gift guide starting December 1st, we will have one posted on the first of every month for 2018. This really pays off working with brands to get sponsored while building that great relationship with brands & bloggers. Shoot me a message on Twitter or Facebook!

Image Map

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