His & Her Gift Guide | #CTFDHGG2020

Need help picking a gift for the lucky lady in your life — gifts for your best friend, girlfriend, mom, daughter, wife, side chick, whoever!…


Need help picking a gift for the lucky lady in your life — gifts for your best friend, girlfriend, mom, daughter, wife, side chick, whoever! Shopping for a guy might seem easy, but is it really? Let me show you some of my favorites.

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For Every Woman In Your Life Gift Guide | #CTFDHGG2020

For Every Woman or Man In Your Life Gift Guide

Subscription Box

Not sure which wine to pair with that side dish? Let Bright Cellars do the work! Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club that matches you with wine that you’ll love. Created by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, the Bright Points algorithm scores each wine by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences, matching you with your monthly experience. They focus on finding unique, hidden gems from small vineyards from all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, and South America. I was able to do a review of this subscription wine bottles last year, LOVED IT!

Established in 2017, Succulents Box offers 5 monthly subscription plans + more than 300 gorgeous succulent varieties, organically grown in Southern California. Succulents hold a special place in our hearts not only because of their elegant beauty but also of their affordability and environmental friendliness. Succulents are known for their amazing ability to thrive in poor soils and low-water conditions. Therefore, they symbolize endurance, harmony, and timelessness.

Looking to send an adorable gift to cheer them up? Box Babe Gift Co. makes it easy. Plus, all products come from women-owned companies! If you’re a gift-giver who typically can’t decide on just one item, with Box Babe, you don’t have to. Select from an assortment of themed personalized gifts arranged in a colorful gift box –  stainless steel tumblers, succulents, candles, bath bombs, margarita mixers, and more! Whether for a loved one, co-worker or soon to be BFF, you’ll have fun selecting the right gift. It’s just what we all need for our quarantine blues.

Hey, check out SinglesSwag! I love getting their box of beauty products, accessories, and exciting surprises just for me every month. I’m giving you $15 to spend on your own box! You can thank me later 🙂 Choose between 7-8 or 4-5 full-sized products, hand-selected exclusively for fun and fabulous single women. Each month, you’ll discover Organic bath and beauty products, Fun, trending fashion accessories, Delicious artisan-crafted foods, Exciting surprises just for you.

Beauty & Health

Remember Lip Smackers and Bonne Bell? The family that first brought you those brands has created skin and body care products for 87 years too! As a 4th generation family-owned company, our guiding philosophy at Formula 10.0.6 has remained rock solid: support troublesome skin with products that are gentle yet powerful and harness the benefits of nature’s best ingredients all at an incredible value.

Because life is crazy enough, your skincare routine should be easy, quick, and effective. Life’s too short to waste time on multiple skincare products every morning and evening. Their revolutionary copper peptide mask combines the functions of nine different masks into ONE for a stress-free solution. This mask moisturizes, brightens, repairs, smoothes, tightens, nourishes, and heals your skin in one simple step.  Some great benefits you’ll see from these masks; fades acne scars, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, visibly evens skin tone and improves texture and enhances skin for a luminous bare-faced glow. Use 2 boxes every month to achieve flawless skin!


Mother Dirt is on a mission to restore the skin microbiome, activating the transformative power of probiotics to repair the imbalance caused by traditional skincare and reveal your most biologically-balanced and vibrant skin. Their live and active patented topical AO+ Restorative Mist is the hero of their line and the first and only product formulated with their secret ingredient, Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB).

Health and wellness coaches and TerpNutrition founders, Megan Loda and Ben Pasquel, understand the importance of physical and mental recovery, and have found that full plant medicine works most effectively on our bodies. Normalizing the use of Full Spectrum CBD supplements as a primary recovery product for athletes, fitness enthusiasts worldwide, TerpNutrition provides an alternative solution to living a healthy and balanced life with the use of hemp-derived products versus physician prescribed pain medications, which, with misuse, can lead to a slippery slope of depression and addictive behaviors.

The new UltradermMD lets you be your own esthetician and enjoy brighter skin in the comfort of your own home. Easily rejuvenate your skin for the holiday season and New Year with this slick 3-in-1 device. Use UltradermMD for popular spa treatments such as microdermabrasion, pore extraction, and kinetic toning. This means fewer trips to your facialist and instant smoother complexion. It’s the pampering we all need during our quarantine time.

With over 20 years of experience and a 300 strong R&D team, the Biohyalux HA Research Institute leverages the expertise of their parent company, Bloomage Biotech, the world’s largest manufacturer of Hyaluronic Acid, on the use of it to create products beneficial for skin health. To date, over 150 million ampoules of their skincare serums have been sold globally.


The Comfy® Dream wearable blanket is a single layer of luscious microfiber that’s so soft, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a baby blanket. Its lightness makes it perfect for wearing around the house, or even to take with you when you need your warmth to travel. Slip one on, and start living #TheComfyLife!

A CharMed gift personalizes their stethoscopes and makes them feel appreciated. Or you could consider one of their curated boxes for nurses and doctors! The curated boxes were researched by CharMed and they found medical personnel wanted to have certain essentials at their work, that were necessary for them to get through their long hours. Think of it as “Essentials for the Essentials.”

Running holiday errands all day can make your legs tired and sore. Help revitalize them with Nabee’s fun compression socks which alleviate pain, fatigue and swelling while also preventing spider and varicose veins. Designed to last for years, Nabee socks are super soft and durable, and available in a wide variety of solids and really cute prints!

Express your love for pizza with your very own pizza pocket hoodie and carry your pizza slices with you wherever you go! The pizza pocket hoodie is the best and greatest gift for pizza lovers! Every pizza pocket hoodie includes 1 hand washable insulated pizza pouch designed to snugly fit inside the triangular zipper pocket on the chest of the sweatshirt. The triangle shaped pizza pouch container can hold your leftovers allowing you to snack on your slices when you get hungry.

One of my more favorite things I got this year would be this Beard Hat. Sold in thousands of stores across the globe, Beard Head’s award winning designs have been featured in major magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and even a feature film!  Operating directly out of our warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, we’re constantly working on new Beard Head designs, finding fun new beard styles, and discovering innovative materials for the next great Beard Head!

Makeup Junkie Bags make just the designs you’ve been looking for! Arriving with amazing styles and varying sizes that are ready for gift-giving this season, it’s the ultimate accessory for those on-the-go. As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, these are not your plain, ordinary, or flimsy freebie cosmetic bags. With beautiful patterns and fabrics, they work as mini purses and travel gear for storing toiletries and all your must-haves on the road. The patented genius lay flat design makes products stay in place and won’t take up much space when traveling either. Go ahead and make a statement and save on nasty spills that waste your product when traveling.

Fashion can be a personal choice, but there are some outfit staples that we can all agree look good on everyone. For a classic, fresh look for men, women and kids, look no further than Castaway Nantucket for you and every fashion lover on your list. For four generations, the Bridier family has run the Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket. Castaway Nantucket features truly-preserved American style for men and women buoyed by tradition, quality, and the ideals of life by the sea. For 20% off until 3/31/21 use code : FORKDOWN.

Self Care



SAY LESS with a Tee Turtle Reversible Plushe to keep the commentary to a minimum.  If you like what is happening–show the smiling side.  Angry, reverse the plushie to show your disdain.  These adorable plushies in unicorns, dragons, cats and more might look like a kiddo toy, but they have saved some relationships across the board.

Stay refreshed and inspired with Well Told’s Map Insulated Water Bottle. Not only does this hydration water bottle keep your hot or cold drink the right temperature down to the last sip, it comes etched with a detailed map of your favorite U.S. city or town for a uniquely personalized and eye-catching beverage container.

There are fragrances that simply make you smell good and there are those that push you to go outside of your comfort zone. One mist of Rich Mess aromatically whispers, “I dare you…” Rich Mess is the unisex fragrance made in New York by creative director Ryan Richmond, a trailblazer within some of the biggest names in luxury fashion and beauty. Make others realize you’re a force to be reckoned with. This fragrance helps you embrace your inner sensuality and project confidence that shows for miles.

Around The House

If your boss loves wine, they will thank you for this magical wine purifier that eliminates headaches and other side effects that come after enjoying a glass of wine. PureWine offers two unique filtration systems that eliminate the histamines and sulfites that cause wine allergies without altering the flavor of your delicious reds and whites.

Protect Your Pinot! Packaged and applied like a condom, this spill proof solution to storing an opened bottle of wine is the safest and most effective product for preventing unplanned spillage.  Unlike corks or decorative stoppers, Wine Condoms seal flush with the rim for easier fridge shelf storage.  Wine Condoms are made from 100% food grade latex rubber and can be used more than once.

Say goodbye to shovels as you know them and cut your excavation time in half with the RotoShovel, the world’s first lithium-ion battery-powered automatic handheld shovel with an auger. Ideal for homeowners, DIY gardeners, and professionals. Powered with a lithium-ion battery, this auger shovel drives into the ground, creating holes that are three inches in diameter and seven inches deep. It’s ideal for bulbs, perfect for flowers, planting flats, and vegetables.[/ezcol_2third]
Third Column

Ivory Paper Co. has just the all-in-one planners to get you going on the right foot in 2021. These are not your run-of-the mill calendars. Far from it. With beautiful prints, well-thought-out designs, and personalization, they make a great holiday gift that will be enjoyed, and used, all year long. Coordinate the planner with fun stickers and other accessories to make the gift that more inspiring! Each planner is customizable and made-to-order in Columbus Ohio, so you don’t have to wait until January to start using this awesome tool. You’ll be happily reaching for your planner as soon as you get that morning cup of coffee. Planners starting at $45.

Working out of your home or other remote location has become more efficient thanks to SideTrak. It’s a portable laptop monitor that improves your productivity wherever you do your best work. By adding a second screen, you’ll have the power to increase productivity by 20 to 30 percent, saving you more than eight hours each week. 

Always have cards on hand with “bundles” of hilarious paper goods from ACouplePuns! Snarky meets sweet when it comes to this line of uber Instagrammable (yeah, that’s a word) hand illustrated cards, stickers, wine tags and more. Fancy a good chuckle when it comes to your card giving? ACouplePuns has perfected that rare greeting card humor that puts that smirk in your smile while conveying a genuine sentiment. The exceptional card stock is scored, folded and packaged by hand. 


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