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Healthy Snack Choices With Graze | #GrazeBox

Are you looking for a healthy snack option? A Graze box would be the way to go. When you go to their site, make sure you have your ebates button activated on Chrome, you get $1.50 cash back on ever purchase you make. YES!

Healthy Snack Choices With Graze | #GrazeBox

Your first sample box has 4 examples and every box after that, you get 8 snacks per box. There’s over 100 snacks of yummy choices, you can check out them here. With the exception of our flapjack box which is $13.99, all of our other 8 snack boxes cost just $11.99 including delivery.  Specialty 4 snack boxes, when available, cost just $6.99, including delivery. In some instances shipping charges of up to $2.00 may apply.

Healthy Snack Choices With Graze | #GrazeBox

my sample box includes:

Peach Cobbler – peach fruit drops, almonds, yogurt covered sunflower seeds & amaretto drops.

Herby Bread Basket – basil baguettes, garlic crostini & oregano rice crackers.

Honeycomb Flapjack – rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle.

Popcorn – Lightly Salted.

Besides the popcorn all three of the snacks are super tasty. I wish it was a bigger sample to be honest, lol. I can’t wait til I get my next box! These are great for snacking throughout the day or while at work. I snack on these while I’m blogging and trying to get work done.

Graze Snacks 1

Which snack from Graze would you like to try?

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