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Making Healthy Lunches With Annie’s Homegrown | #YumForAll

Remember when bento lunches were a thing for kid’s school lunches. Every mom was making panda face made out of bread and whatnot. It’s not about what the design is, but what you’re feeding them. When you can make healthy choices with Annie’s Homegrown and make it with love? Yea, that can’t be beat. We want to find our kiddos the best stuff – well I’m hear to save you the time and hassle with all of that! Your kitchen needs Annie’s Homegrown products!

Let me share with you the best places to find Annie’s products, but it gets tricky. There’s some places have more than others, some are more costly than others. I’ve found out that getting them from Co-Op Marketplace or Whole’s Foods is your best option. Sometimes your local shopping center may have them in the organic section, but I can’t promise it. They have so many tasty healthy options, the ideas are endless for healthy options for kid’s lunches.

Making Healthy Lunches With Annie's Homegrown | #YumForAll

The back story about the company – Annie Withey co-founded Annie’s Homegrown, Inc. with Andrew Martin in 1989. With the goal of giving families healthy and delicious macaroni and cheese and to show by example that a successful business can also be socially responsible. Nearly thirty years after its founding, the values that Annie started with still guide the company every day. Annie’s is a mission-driven business grounded in using natural and organic ingredients to make great-tasting products that consumers love. They source ingredients only from places and people they trust. And Annie’s works hard to act as a positive role model for consumers and other businesses.

Some of my favorite Annie’s Homegrown products would be Annie’s organic shells & white cheddar mac & cheese, berry bunnies cereal, cocoa bunnies cereal, summer strawberry whole milk yogurt tubes, chocolate chip chewy granola bars and cheddar bunnies.

Making Healthy Lunches With Annie's Homegrown | #YumForAll

Homemade Cream of Chicken with Annie’s Homegrown Mac-n-Cheese

We were using some leftover chicken from the previous night and threw in some green beans. We made this homemade cream of chicken. All you need to make your cream of chicken is super simple, it includes:

  • 2½ cups chicken broth
  • 1½ cups milk
  • ¾ cup flour

Seasonings are really up to you – I did a pinch of salt & pepper on mine, some of the family doesn’t like any at all (yea, I know they’re weird). You may need to add more milk, you have to keep your eye on it and whisk it often – to keep it from lumping up.

Making Healthy Lunches With Annie's Homegrown | #YumForAll

Check out these awesome Annie’s products for fun and yummy lunches! There’s tons of recipes as well. Check out their website and head to your local store for tasty organic products now!

What’s your favorite Annie’s Homegrown Product?

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