Harry Potter’s Muggles Approved Boozy ButterBeer


Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If so, then you know what butterbeer is! Butterbeer happens to be one of my favorite boozy drinks to have with friends. But, don’t worry you don’t have to use alcohol, it taste just as good without or to make it kid-friendly. It’s been a dream of mine to go to the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to enjoy all the sights, great food and drinks, but until then making my own butterbeer will do.

Harry Potter's Muggles Approved Boozy ButterBeer

This past weekend, my friends and I went to to a Wizard Rock concert for the Yule Ball 2017 in Washington DC. If you’re asking yourself, what is wizard rock, it’s basically music centered around Harry Potter. Leading bands in this genre include Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys.

You can either go to your local store and grab all of these ingredients or you can order most of these (minus the alcohol) from Amazon, I linked to the same products below. You don’t have to add the condensed milk, it’s fine with just the flavor and the cream soda, it’s up to you honestly.



  1. Mix 1/4 tsp caramel extract, 1/4 tsp butter extract, butterscotch syrup (liquid) and/or butterscotch schnapps in a bowl first. (If you want kid friendly, I suggest not adding the schnapps, lol.)
  2.  Take the butterscotch topping syrup and drizzle it around the inside of the cup, to make it look pretty.
  3. Pour in the mixture from step 1 into the cup, roughly a quarter of the cup.
  4. Fill the glass with 6 oz of cream soda.
  5. Top it with whipped cream & top it with butterscotch topping syrup.

It’s really a simple drink to make when you think about it. If you’re adding alcohol to it, its the type of drink, when you’re drinking it, you don’t know you’re drunk until it’s already too late.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Have you ever had Butterbeer?

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47 thoughts on “Harry Potter’s Muggles Approved Boozy ButterBeer

  1. My son has recently started cooking and making desserts. He just found a similar version of butter beer(minus the schnapps). I am going to have to get him the lightening sprinkles, they are awesome.

  2. Great recipe! I have never had butterbeer but your recipe looks divine so I’ll gather up the ingredients and make for a nice treat next weekend. Can’t wait to enjoy by the fireplace with a good book.

  3. Yes, I am a Harry Potter fan and yes I had some last year when we visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Thanks for the recipe.
    slehan at juno dot com

  4. About a year ago I went to Florida and went to Universal Studios and had a butter beer in Harry Potter world . For some reason when I read about butter beer in Harry Potter books I always imagined them being warm. But they offered it cold or frozen. LOL. This recipe sounds awesome.

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