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God’s Process of Life’s Events | Judges 7

It’s been a rough last 8 days honestly. Honestly the last year has been a crazy rollar-coaster of the good, bad & ugly. This is what sermon notes I got from Judges 7. This whole time I keep skipping the invitation God has given me to move out of this season of my life. Which has put me through negative event after event, when it could of been an easier way out. Well.. I needed to find something related to this, that’s when I went over to and I clicked on the “It will NOT end this way..” and I have to say it has really opened my eyes.

5 Easy Steps To Embrace The Process of Life's Events | Judges 7

If you get used to something after a few years, you think, this is as good as it gets, but God has a plan for you.. You just have to embrace the process, you must embrace the process of the event in order to get out of that event and move on to the next positive event. It wont end this way, IF you’re  willing to embrace the process. 

You learned much more in the process than you do in the actual event. So instead of living from event to event.

You should live from life event -> process -> process -> event -> process and etc etc. 

Sometimes we think we are living event to event. So when bad things/events happen, we think, “if I can have one good thing happen everything will be better..”

So when the happy events happen, we think it will take us out of the sad event we were in, but it’s not going to unless you learn the process you’re suppose to in that event in life. God is not a God that works from event to event, He’s a God of process.

5 Ways to Embrace the Process

Intention – How we perceive someone or something determines how we respond. We have to believe God has good intentions for us.

Invitation – God is constantly inviting out of the thing that has you stuck. Sometimes we “misplace” the invitation because it is wrapped in an instruction that we are unwilling to obey.

Instruction – We may not follow the instruction because it seems ridiculous, but if you want to see the miraculous, you have to get comfortable with the ridiculous.

Impartation – It is more than information. It is deposited into your soul causing you to move into action. Impartation will smother your fear.

Imitation – If you imitate the Father, He will fight the battle for you. We have to seek Him to know what He is doing.

We often miss the invitation from God because it’s really an instruction. God is calling us out of our pain & struggles of our past. We sometimes don’t want the instruction because it looked crazy, we’re thinking. God are you crazy? Don’t blame God for your unwillingness to obey God’s instruction. If you don’t follow the crazy instruction we don’t get to see the crazy miracle. 

5 Easy Steps To Embrace The Process of Life's Events | Judges 7

What has been one of the most memorable events in your life?

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