Let’s Make A Bucket List | Goals for 2015

This started off as my ’30 Things to do before I turn 30′. But I don’t want to be rushed, so I changed this to a Goals for 2015 list! I’m a list person. I have tons lists for all types of things. Not that my lists are complete, I like to start list and not finish them. However, I want this list to be different, I want to finish most of these things.

Let's Make A Bucket List | Goals for 2015

L E A R N  S O M E T H I N G  N E W
» Learn to swim
» Go Sky Diving
» Learn to play guitar

» Go to NYE in Time Square
» Go to Arlington National Cemetery – April 2015
» Go to the Beach
» Visit another state – June 2015 Baton Rouge, LA
» Go to a Theme Park w/friends
» Go to a Washing Redskins Game – December 7, 2014 close enough to 2015, lol

P E R S O N A L  G O A L S
» Donate Blood
» Lose 25 lbs | 50 lbs | 75 lbs | 100 lbs
» Sign up for School
» Get a tattoo
» Join a help group
» Join a gym
» Read 5 life changing books
» Buy my first car
» Buy my first home
» Go to Church & Stay Active in Church

B L O G  G O A L S
» Attend a blogger conference/meetup
» Reach 5,000 UMV
» Gain more active readers
» Make at least $500 a month blogging
» Have at least 2-3 clients a month

L I F E S T Y L E  G O A L S
» Meet a Wardinator in person – Alisha, Morgan, Elena, Sanjaana, Lisa Oct 2015
» Go to at least 5 concerts in 2015 – Hillsong in GA, Tyler in Ga, VA & NC Oct 2015
» Make 10 new friends in 2015 – Pile of Tyler Fans
»  Meet an online friend – June 2015 – Amanda
» Meet a YouTuber – Tyler, Eppic, Danny, Brynn & Anna – Oct 2015

Hey! I'm Natalie and I live in North Carolina. I'm a single mama of four awesome kiddos. These are my thoughts on life, motherhood, fitness and everything in between.

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