I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran's Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran’s Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

That’s right people! Ed freaking Sheeran and James freaking Blunt! Ya’ll, I was on the 7th row… from the TOP, yes nose bleed section, but the fact I was in the same room as Ed Sheeran was enough for me. I bought these tickets for my sister’s birthday back in March, we had to wait 6 months! It was worth the wait — I got some pretty epic pictures and videos!

I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran's Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

Pre-concert selfie for the win! First up with James Blunt. I’ve been a fan of his since like day one back in 2004 when You’re Beautiful & Goodbye My Lover came out. He kept joking about how he knew we were all there to see Ed and that he was just using us to test out his newer songs. That if he sung the wrong words, we wouldn’t know, because we only knew like two of his songs anyways. Hilarious! I still have my first album from way back in 2004, I should of brought it with me to get signed. Oh well, we got his newest album and a poster signed.

I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran's Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

James made a comment about how after he sung he would be out in the lobby taking pictures and doing autographs. We had to walk from the 300s to the 100s and on the OTHER SIDE of the building, lol. The line was LONG. But as soon as Ed got on stage, the line dropped quick. This is the 2nd time we saw him that day too. When we first got there earlier that day, we were getting out of the car and James walked into the parking lot. I turned to Debbie and I was like, “Is that James Blunt!?!? That’s James Blunt…” So this was our 2nd chance to get a picture with him.

While waiting in line, we got to sing Castle on the Hill, because at that point Ed was on stage and where we were standing was right behind the stage, so we were basically the backup singers. I wish he could of heard the people in line singing, I got a video of it, I’ll add it below, it was pretty epic. As soon as we got done with the picture we had to hurry back to our seats, talk about being out of breathe, 3 flights of stairs – we missed him sing A Team (my jam). We were able to catch the end of it though.

We got to here hits from all of his albums like Castle on the Hill, A Team, Dive, Perfect, Happier, Photograph, I Need You, Thinking Out Loud and many more. Even though we were in the nose bleed section, it was far enough away the sound was perfect for videos. I got some pretty clear pictures too. You couldn’t really see him, but lucky for us, Ed had huge screens. None the less, another amazing concert for the books! It was worth the money, even though ticket master fees are INSANE. First Ed Sheeran concert, but most def not the last. I also never seen James in concert before and that within itself was amazing. I wish he sung Goodbye My Lover, I would of cried. However I cried when Ed sung Happier & Photograph, both are kinda relatable from my past. He did quite a few love songs, talk about feeling really single, haha.

[Tweet “Dear future husband, the way to win over my heart is going to an Ed Sheeran concert and proposal.”]

I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran's Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

The coolest thing about the whole night besides seeing Ed Sheeran in concert and meeting James Blunt was finding an #OBXrocks outside the PNC Arena before the concert. Then finding the lady who created it on the facebook group and instagram.

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