DIY: How to Make Your Own No Soliciting Door Sign

DIY: How to Make Your Own No Soliciting Door Sign

So my tutorial for how to make an iron on t-shirt is one of the biggest hit posts on the blog. I just recently added some no soliciting door sign for my Etsy shop. I thought making a tutorial for laminated signs would be something more creative than just putting the print into a frame.

So I live in a sub-division and a problem we have ran into more than we normally do this year is people walking door to door trying to sell us stuff. Some of the people are nicer than others. The point is 95% of the time it’s a scam trying to take your money. With that said, I decided to make some No soliciting sign for the front door and they became a hit with the neighbors.

What supplies you need to make your own no soliciting door sign:

TIP: Depending the size of your signs, you have to make sure your laminated sheets are the same size. These signs are 8×10 which is just regular printer size paper.

Order the digital prints from etsy. Click instant download. Print your image. 5 minute warm-up time. Light signals when machine is ready. Open the laminated pouches and and slip the print into the pouch.

Make sure the tray is up and place the laminated pouch into the back and it will slide itself through.

How simple was that? I know right. You can do this for anything and you don’t need a frame for it. Honestly the ideas are endless with these laminated signs. After I hung these no soliciting door sign out front a few of the neighbors just loved them and wanted one for themselves.

DIY: How to Make Your Own No Soliciting Door Sign

Do you currently have a no soliciting door sign? If not, why wait, it’s so simple!

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  • Lisa

    Omg, this post crack me up and lord knows I know how you feel. wish I had one. I think I’m going to create a few myself this week, thanks so much for this post!

  • Fatima Torres @Motherhood Through My Eyes

    This would definitely come in handy these days. Summer is the time when most teens pick up odd jobs like street team marketing. I’ve been getting a number of unwanted solicitations on my door. I actually approached a few the other day. Never fun when you have a newborn who is sleeping and the pups next door start barking at these kids.

  • Shelley King

    I love this! We have a saying at our house “my husband only lets me give to needy kids and cheerleader car washes!” Of course that’s not true but they usually leave laughing and not argue. I don’t think people pay attention in our neighborhood so I have thought about putting a “beware of the Combat Veteran” on our door. Maybe that would get their attention.

  • Nadalie

    Bahaha I LOVE this! I seriously need one of these ASAP. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for certain door to door salesmen to try and sell their nonsense. Now if only I could make a sign like this for my phone number to stop telemarketers.

  • mj

    OMG! I love these so much that I printed them already. I can’t wait to laminate them and hang them at every door in my house.

  • Melanie

    Don’t make it weird! LOL! That’s the perfect sign for my house. I love how easily you can make a sign with your laminator. I’m sure I could put that to good use all around the house with reminders for the family.

  • Ronnie

    I love this – it gave me a good laugh! I am so tired of the random people showing up at my door… this should at least keep away the ones that are irrelevant or trying to sell me something or convert me. Wish I had seen this post a few years back. :p

  • Cathy French

    Some will try to get your attention by knocking anyway even with a sign posted. Amazing how many times “contractors” are about and ready to give you estimates.

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