The Perfect Cozy Boyfriend Pillow Tutorial

Do you know what I miss most about being with someone? cuddles. Yep, something so simple solves so many problems. So I made life easier…


Do you know what I miss most about being with someone? cuddles. Yep, something so simple solves so many problems. So I made life easier for all of us, a DIY boyfriend pillow. Just to let you know that I’m not totally crazy, they did have one on Glee (season 4, episode 17). I took a quick trip to my local Hobby Lobby and got all the supplies besides the flannel shirt and pillow there for this epic DIY project.

Boyfriend Pillow DIY Project Boyfriend Pillow DIY Project

Boyfriend Pillow Supplies:

The Perfect Cozy Boyfriend Pillow Tutorial

Boyfriend Pillow Instructions:

  1.  Grab your flannel shirt – I went with a 3 xl shirt that I bought myself a few years ago, but it’s too big now and just sits in my closet.
  2. Go ahead and grab the sewing kit. Now you can do this no sew with fabric tape, a sewing machine, I just did it by hand. Stitch the one sleeve, bottom of the shirt, and the collar.
  3. The side you left the arm sleeve out, put the pillow on that side of the chest. The other side, stuff it with the filler stuffing. Also put filler stuffing in the arm sleeve that you “cuddle”. Don’t put too much that it doesn’t bend.
  4. You can sew up the buttons on the front or keep it unbutton, honestly your choice. Tip: Tuck the arm you aren’t stuffing into the shirt, you can use that sleeve for stuffing for later.

  5. Lastly, spray the boyfriend pillow with your favorite men’s cologne.

The Perfect Cozy Boyfriend Pillow Tutorial


  1. How cute!! I just saw a bunch of flannel shirts on sale at our local farm supply store. I may have to make an excuse to make another trip and grab a few to make one (or more). What a lovely idea!

  2. This is super cool and fun! plus I love that it is a DIY project as I am always in need of a new one. I am going to find a black and red check short to recreate it for myself 🙂 So much fun!

  3. Wow, you are such a genius, love the idea so much and it looks so fun! This is awesome and you can actually produce this thing and make it in the production. I guess it going to sell good.

  4. Ok this concept is new to me! Haha I think I should let a few of my friends know about this. I don’t really need one…I think I have too many pillows…Hubby, kid, and my two cats!

  5. Interesting. good idea for recycling an old shirt, especially if you don’t want to live with anyone. Like I do, I like living alone but sleep better when the need to cuddle is met.

  6. This is so COOL!!!!!!!!!! I’d have to do it longer maybe the pj pants attached so I could sleep on my side (I sleep with a leg hooked)… Maybe just 1 leg filled would be enough… Hmmm. I usually use a body pillow but this would hug back… Hmmm!!


  7. What a great way to repurpose a cozy flannel shirt! It would be great to take on a road trip, too. You could prop up books and snacks on it.

  8. This is so cute. I am married and think I need one of these for when I want to get comfy and my husband isn’t around.

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