DIY Abstract Watercolor Painting

How is everyone doing in quarantine? Hanging in there I hope. I was recently adding new prints to my Etsy store and I was trying to think of tutorials I can do with printables while we’re all stuck in quarantine. Let me show you this super simple DIY abstract watercolor painting look without the messy watercolor paint mess.

What you will need:

STEP 1: 

Print out whatever digital print that you want. I’m currently having a 99 cent sale on my Etsy store and I also make custom prints. I used “Be The Reason” & “Good Things Take Time“.


Grab your ziploc bag and place it over your image and start coloring away. Once you doodle all over the bag, you can be as creative as you like at this rate.


This part is the tricky part. The first time I did this, I sprayed too much and when I went to flip it, it went EVERYWHERE! So you can spray either just water or rubbing alcohol enough that all the colors are wet.


Flip it on to the the piece of paper then rub the mixture on to the paper until it’s fully covered. Then take your hand and run the wet marker into the image, make sure all of the image is covered.


Pull away the bag from the print and it should come out looking like a watercolor painting.

Here’s my 1st drawing I did and I used too much water, which I kinda fixed the second time. I’m going to try a few different ways to see which works better. I also saw someone painted water on the paper before flipping the bag over with the color markers on it without spraying it. I will come back and update you on how that goes. BONUS: If you have an idea for a digital print quote, let me know. If I pick your quote, you will get it for free.

Have you ever tried to make a DIY abstract watercolor painting?

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