#DeliverHope with Tyler Ward & Earth, Wind & Fire

Since it’s #TeeTeeTuesday (Yes, that’s really a day, lol) Tyler finally posted him and Earth, Wind & Fire.. Yes, he got to sing with them, how sweet is that? Yes, pretty awesome.. I was all, trying to hit that high note of, “Ba De Ya” haha But besides all that, there’s a reason for this post today.  At any given time 1 in 9 people around the world suffer from hunger. Each year hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

You can help the World Hunger Program USA deliver hope around the world by making a donation today!

Have an wonderful holiday season! Be sure to pass love to your family, friends and neighbors. And hey, if you’re feeling extremely generous, please look at the following charity and consider making a small or large donation:

http://bit.ly/1FX7Rk4  $1 provides 4 meals for a hungry child in school.

#DeliverHope with lifesaving food

When you click the above link, it will take you to this page. $1 = 4 meals, $5 = 20 meals, $10 = 40 meals, $20 = 80 meals, $100 = 400 meals for hungry kids in school. Simple enough, pick what you want to donate, then hit GIVE! You pay by debit card, it would of been nice if there was a paypal setting, but that’s fine.

Yup, I donated 🙂 Have you?

World Food Program Website | Facebook | Instagram |Twitter

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  • Alli

    What a great reminder to give back this holiday season and all year round. We joined a PJ drive at our church for a local shelter. We donated new (with tags attached) PJ’s so kids could be warm during the winter. It’s so sad to know that in today’s society there is still hungry and cold kids out there.

  • Michelle Hwee

    I love giving back. It is so important to think of others. With this time of year, there are many that are not as fortunate as we are. This post is very inspiring and reminds me to be always thankful for what I have and to be generous this holiday season as well.

  • local adventurer

    they actually look like a great organization to give to. I just looked them up, and they give 90% of the money to the actual programs while 10% is overhead costs.. and that’s a lot more than a lot of other charities. 🙂 i love that charities nowadays makes it tangible for you to know the numbers and what it all covers. money might not go a long way for us.. but there are so many countries where it does go a long way. 🙂 i would much rather use my money to donate somewhere like world food program than buy gifts. 🙂

  • Jeanine

    There is nothing more heart wrenching to me than kids suffering. Going hungry and without no one should have to deal with but kids especially shouldn’t. This sounds wonderful and like a fantastic way to give back this holiday season!

  • Natalie

    That is a staggering statistic! It’s so sad to think that some families can’t meet their basic needs in the 21st century–it just shows how far we have to go as a global community. What a great campaign this is, even if it is only dealing with the issue in the short term (you know, the whole “give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach him to fish, and feed him for life” thing). Do you know if the organization provides long term food solutions as well? If so, that two-sided approach will help entire communities change!

  • Leon Bailey

    It’s always a wonderful feeling to give back when you can. There are people out there that really in need and any little bit counts. I donated milk this holidays! Made me feel good to contribute. Solve world hunger!

  • melaniejoysm

    It always amazes me that what all we have been striving to to feed these kids and families still is falling short. I love that you are advocating for this as it is something that is near and dear to my heart. For me, it happens to be the homeless, my roommates and I a couple weekends a month make up at least 5 loaves of PB and J sandwiches to take out to them, now I know this only helps, but like you are advocating for, every little bit helps!

  • Kiwi

    I hate to say this but I am a little weary of donating to some non-profit, especially when it comes to helping those in other countries. I truly want to make sure when I give it is truly going towards helping people and not a secret tax payoff for the CEOs or some secret funding that is not going to those in need. I reads and I think they are doing an excellent job trying to provide meals…people take for granted the resources we have here versus other countries. Food and money is limited and if we have the ability to change a life by providing a meal we can really help those who are truly unable to help themselves.

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    I hate that statistic. It’s so incredibly awful that this day and age when there is so much technology and wealth in the world that people are suffering from hunger, and not just in the third world either, hunger is a problem in my own country too for so many families. I know some parents who skip meals or who just survive on toast so that they’re children can eat, that’s so saddening for me 🙁

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