Christmas on a Budget Without Going Broke

When you’re a single mom of four, Christmas on a budget is a must! Preparing for Christmas can be stressful for all involve. Personally, I…


When you’re a single mom of four, Christmas on a budget is a must! Preparing for Christmas can be stressful for all involve. Personally, I don’t have a lot of money to blow on Christmas.. So shopping for four kids and the close family can be tricky. Let me share a few simple things you can buy to make the most of it.

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  1. 4 Gift Rule
    You most likely heard of this rule, this is the easiest rule when it comes to Christmas shopping I think. I don’t believe in buying a lot of things for the kids they will never use or play with for more than 5 minutes. The kids have enough toys, nor do we have the space for anything more currently.

    1 – something they WEAR (clothes, coat, socks, shoes)
    2 – something they NEED (I got them covers for their tables, simple)
    3 – something they WANT (1 toy, game, movie, etc)
    4 – something to READ (I get each one book)

  2. Earn Cash Back Online!
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  3. Groupon
    I always try to find concert tickets and travel discounts. Discover fun activities in your city with Groupon. It is the best place to find and share unique things to do in your area.
  4. Get things throughout the year
    Instead of going broke at one time – if you get stuff throughout the year. It’s easier on the bank.
  5. Yard Sales & Facebook Marketplace
    I know this sounds crazy, but there’s always good stuff on there people are selling. I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff for gifts on FB Marketplace.

How do you do Christmas on a budget?


  1. These are some great ideas. I like the bargain ideas and the guidelines to get stuff they really want or will use to minimize waste

  2. great ideas, with limited fund sticking to a budget is very important, I don’t buy much as I can’t afford to but I watch for sales year round

  3. Sorry I didn’t see and read this post before shopping through the holidays but I think I did ok this year and didn’t overspend.

  4. Great ideas and Tips, It is so hard to not overspend on the kids. I try to hit up all year long and I also add money to gift cards all year long and only use them to purchase items

  5. Thank you for sharing these ideas with us, I know for me , I think I could have done better shopping for 9 grandchildren.

  6. Good ideas for budget wise women with kids. Me, Im 71 years old now so I only get for the smallest grandkids usually cant afford for everyone.

  7. All great ways to stay within budget and all of which I’ve used except for the very first one! Didn’t hear about it until after my kids were grown.

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