• September is National Preparedness Month

    September is National Preparedness Month | #GetReadyGetSafe

    September is National Preparedness Month Children are the most vulnerable in emergency situations. That’s why Save the Children encourages everyone to act to better protect kids BEFORE disaster strikes. Prep Step #1 = Make ICE cards for kids. Prep Step #2 = Make an emergency plan and practice as a family. Here’s a checklist & tips. Prep Step #3 = Make an emergency plan and practice as a family. Did you know: Every day, 69 million U.S. children are separated from their families while they are at school or child care. After Hurricane Katrina there were more than 5,000 reports of missing children. It took 7 months to reunite the last child with her…

  • Moms Without Custody | Life Has Been Kinda Crazy

    Moms Without Custody | Life Has Been Kinda Crazy

    Honestly, I haven’t been on my blog much, except when I had to do something blog related for a network or something. Otherwise, it’s been on the back burner a bit. I haven’t designed a website or anything major graphic or web design wise. I’ve done a few things on Etsy from time to time. But it’s been rather dead lately. Not that, I’ve been busy, well I have, but life has changed a bit. Not once did I think I would have the title, moms without custody… I know a few of you know, I’ve recently gone through a divorce in December and was going through this nasty child…

  • 4 Reasons PokémonGo Rocks | #TeamMystic

    4 Reasons PokémonGo Rocks | #TeamMystic

    I want to be the very best, like no one ever was..  Yep, I went there, now you’re singing the song aren’t you? Ha! you’re welcome. Now that we got the theme song out of the way. PokémonGo is the new thing, you’re either for or against it. There’s no in between. Why people hate it, I have no idea. We grew up on the shows, the trading cards, everything Pokémon. I for one love this app and I support it, even with all the negativity around it over the last week. What team are you? I am #TeamMystic 🙂  #1 Get to sight see around town. The app uses your…

  • 11 Reasons Why My Mom Rocks My Socks This Mother's Day

    11 Reasons Why My Mom Rocks My Socks This Mother’s Day

    She always put up with all of my shenanigans growing up, good or bad choices, the things i put her through, she never gave up on me. We can sit here all day, but here’s 11 Reasons Why My Mom Rocks My Socks This Mother’s Day. For that, I thank her for not giving up on me. She is amazing woman, we’re more friends now than I think I was growing up. I think most people realize that as a grown up, then they do as kids. For crying out loud she was a SAHM to 5 kids. Technically she is a SAHM to two GROWN KIDS, haha.. But I…

  • Who Loves Me? Personalized iSeeMe Book

    Who Loves Me? Personalized iSeeMe Book

    If you haven’t heard of the personalized ISeeMe books, you’re sure missing out. I just love this company. They make each book personal for your child, which is just perfect! My kids love reading these books every time – makes them feel special as well. I got a book called,  The Super Incredible Sister from the iSeeMe company last year. This one is for Hannah again. I always get these books for her birthday, I need to get some for the other kids as well. This book is called, Who Loves Me? – I think it’s something that everyone struggles with of all ages, if someone really loves them. This…

  • Parenting

    The Plans I have For You Journal & Devotional

    What I love most about ‘The Plans I Have For You’ journal and ‘The Plans I Have For You’90 day devotional is the fact you can show your children that God has a plan for you, no matter how hard life may seem now, he has a plan for you. I am almost 30 and I still struggle with this, lol. My kids have been through a lot, my oldest, Hailey has been through a lot for someone who is almost 12 years old. But I reminder her daily that she is loved and that God is always there for you.