• Razor Obstacle Course Challenge + Giveaway

    Razor Obstacle Course Challenge + Giveaway

    Calm The Fork Down receives free products for review purposes and may sometimes be compensated for post but all words are expressed are my own. Check out my disclosure policy for more info. Razor is celebrating their 20th anniversary this month. Razor has always been focused on families and fresh air! Staying active is not only essential for kids, but important for adults as well, and everyone has had to find new ways to have fun and stay active! They sent us a scooter and we took on the challenge! We haven’t seen the sun in a week, all it has done the last week in North Carolina is rain.…

  • 12 Tips for Managing Screen Time During COVID-19

    12 Tips for Managing Screen Time During COVID-19

    As parents continue to navigate the unexpected challenges of raising kids amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, Children and Screens is working with top experts in the fields of parenting, education, and child psychology to bring you a series of helpful hints and common-sense suggestions. Last month, we polled our experts about their top tips for toddlers and held an interactive webinar with more than 520 registrants to discuss that age group. This week, we’re proud to share 12 new advice geared towards parents of school-age children. 12 TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS FOR MANAGING SCREEN TIME FOR KIDS K-8  DURING THE PANDEMIC FIND THE SILVER LINING Remember that a key part…

  • 10 Activities to Keep the Kids from Driving You Insane During Quarantine

    10 Activities to Keep the Kids from Driving You Insane During Quarantine

    With the recent and rapid spread of the Coronavirus around the U.S, quarantine is proving to be a very stressful time for parents as they try to juggle working at home and keeping their children occupied and up to date with their schoolwork. It won’t be long for those kiddos start getting stir crazy, but never fear I came up with a great list of activities that will bring the whole family together and keep everyone sane at the same time. 1. Schoolwork Continue your children’s assigned schoolwork. Most schools are providing guidance and lessons via the Internet. Just like the classroom environment, make this time structured and devoted to…

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    Winter Wonderland Movie Night 101

    Are you ready for those two weeks off for winter break? Many parents can tell cabin fever is upon us, given all the downtime. That is why we’ve have mastered the art of the winter movie night, morphing into a pro at pulling together an evening that everyone can enjoy, despite cold temps, an out-of-whack daily routine, too much time with relatives, and general post-holiday blues. It’s really just a matter of survival. Here’s what you need to do. Tire everyone out OK, OK… so what I’m about to say isn’t technically a part of your winter movie night, but it IS still key to making your evening successful.Anyone who’s…

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    3 Tips For Helping Children Embrace Their Uniqueness

    Some small children don’t care what anyone thinks about them. But helping children embrace their uniqueness is hard growing up. If they want to sing at the top of their lungs, they sing at the top of their lungs. If they want to wear a silly hat, mix-matched socks or gloves on a hot day, they do it – with no regard for how others might judge their eccentricities. Somewhere along the line, though, most children long to fit in and begin to worry that their differences make them stand out – and not in a good way. So, they try to conform to what they perceive their peers or…

  • How To RESET Summer Break Screen Time With Kids

    How To RESET Summer Break Screen Time With Kids

    When we were kids, we weren’t attached to screens and we stayed outside until the street lights came on. We really didn’t have decent internet til my mid-teens. Whatever happen to those times, getting the kids to play outside is like treating to make a plea deal with a judge. With 3 of 4 kids only being here over summer break, I try to focus on the kids. We try to do at least 1-2 crafts & recipes to share on the blog a month. The kids loving doing stuff for the blog, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. Before you start, consider using the practices “procedural justice.”…