• People Pleasing The Wrong People | #confessions

    People Pleasing The Wrong People | #confessions

    There comes a point when People Pleasing The Wrong People becomes too much. When all you think about is how YOU can make people like you more, make people think you’re HOT, make people think YOU’RE WORTH IT. You are doing it wrong, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. You need to learn to do these things for you and you alone. You weren’t put on this earth to please other people, you were put here to be happy, to make yourself happy, to make yourself worth it, to make yourself feel pretty, to make yourself amazing. YOU, the keyword here is YOU, not them, they aren’t the keyword.…

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    Let’s Take A Break with Life | #Confessions

    *breathe in, breathe out* Let’s Take A Break with Life – Confessions with Bella @ Dateless in Dallas. One of the few blogs I do stalk regularly, because let’s face it, her blog is amazing! Confessions For The Week 1. These hours & all these days John has been working.. I wish he go back to his like 3-4 days off at a time, i mean come on, I need my nap day, I don’t get my nap day, if his ONE DAY OFF, he wants to be lazy, because he’s working like crazy.. Ugh 2. This damn arm. Why did I have to break it? You know how hard…

  • Struggling With Life - It Will Be Okay

    Struggling With Life – It Will Be Okay

    You never know what someone else is going through. A lot is going on, I saw this that my sister posted. I wanted to share, it might be that something, that someone needs to know. Struggling with life is hard for everyone, the sooner you learn you’re not alone, the better off you are. Find a support system and keep them close. I’ve been there, when you think you can’t go on, when you don’t want to. But you need to, for your family, your friends, & most importantly YOURSELF. Don’t sell yourself short. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life. You will get through it, it may not…

  • What Happened When My Parents Found Out I was Pregnant At 17

    What Happened When My Parents Found Out I was Pregnant At 17

    When asked: Imagine you are only seventeen right now, and your big 18th birthday bash is happening next month. How are you going to plan for it? Like: What would the theme be? How many people are invited? Will it happen at the beach? Be creative! It’s your birthday after all. Don’t forget the photos! 🙂 Sounds like a different kind of theme, but okay.. So I’m almost 28, so almost 10 years ago I was turning 18, but it was around this time, that I’m a senior in High School. It’s that moment in HS, that I realized that I’m pregnant, dun dun dun.. So I kept it hush hush…

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    Tyler Ward Saved My Life

    When asked, what’s one song that has changed your life? What’s a song that has really gotten you out of a dark place. We all have our struggles, it’s how we let our struggles define us is the thing. While there’s nothing wrong with being in a sad not so great day, just don’t stay there. Simple enough, last year was a very dark place for me (separation), emotional, I was at the bottom of my barrel. I went to YouTube one day, found this video. Something changed, I went thru more & more of his videos.. This Tyler guy was AMAZING, his voice.. him in general, he was just…

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    A self portrait – Let’s take a Selfie!

    Let’s take a selfie! Eh! I’m not the biggest fan of taking pictures of myself, but.. here ya go, me in all my glory. YAY or nay. I look like crap lately, as Jacob my youngest (3 months) decided sleeping at night is no longer a thing, that being up from 1-2a til 5-6a was the new TREND! :/ Yea, so that’s been my thing the last week. Therefore, with the older two waking up at 630A for school, not getting on the bus til 7:30, til whenever Hannah wakes up, THAT’S THE ONLY SLEEP I GET. Which if I’m lucky last til 9-10a. I most likely just jinxed it for…