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    Bucket List Goals for 2017 | New Year, New Me

    New Year, New Me. Everyone always throws around that quote until we all give up on our goals for the year. How often do you stick with what your goals for the next year? I try to make my bucket list goals something I can actually get done. I tend to make realistic goals that I know that if I put the effort into them that I can get them done. I like to make monthly goals for myself, if you took a look at my laptop screen, you would see all the sticky notes of to-do list I want to get done. There’s still a few I want to finish…

  • 7 Things I Learned From Hitting Rock Bottom & Survived

    7 Things I Learned From Hitting Rock Bottom & Survived

    Have you hit rock bottom in your life? Don’t worry you’re not alone. There’s not enough Pinterest memes to describe what it feels like to hit rock bottom. Let’s face it, life isn’t perfect. But when you have fallen apart at rock bottom, that’s when you take those pieces and piece yourself back together. Like re-programming yourself to work differently. Does that make sense? “Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom in order to self-reflect and rebuild yourself. Hitting rock bottom is a wake-up call that something you’re doing in your life is not good for you. It’s a sign that you need to stop, breathe and make some serious…

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    God’s Process of Life’s Events | Judges 7

    It’s been a rough last 8 days honestly. Honestly the last year has been a crazy rollar-coaster of the good, bad & ugly. This is what sermon notes I got from Judges 7. This whole time I keep skipping the invitation God has given me to move out of this season of my life. Which has put me through negative event after event, when it could of been an easier way out. Well.. I needed to find something related to this, that’s when I went over to visitlifepoint.com and I clicked on the “It will NOT end this way..” and I have to say it has really opened my eyes. If you…

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    10 Things That Didn’t Break Me | #LateNightThoughts

    It’s too early for this. Why am I still awake? Well, told be told, I rarely sleep. My body just got used to not sleeping til about 7 in the morning-ish. I know it’s horrible, don’t remind me. Well, I’m sitting here on Twitter, Twitter is where I go when I am bored. I forgot what post I first saw, but I saw a #ThingsThatDidntBreakMe trending. With a little bit of clicking here and there, I found the first post about it. Yay! I thought to myself, this could be fun. I like to join in on these trending hashtags sometimes, you meet interesting people and sometimes it’s fun. But…

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    My Life Currently | #LateNightThoughts

    I would like to think, I have my life together right now. But that would be a lie, not only to myself but those around me. I like to pretend I have everything together, but that’s also a lie. Life is just happening around me and I am stuck. Not sure exactly what I’m stuck at or doing, but I am not moving forward nor moving backwards. I am just at a standstill watching life past me by. These are the thoughts I have in the wee hours, so what better to make these #LateNightThoughts.

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    An Open Apology To Myself

    Never be sorry for your regrets! Our regrets, our struggles, our mistakes… without them we wouldn’t be the people we are today, we wouldn’t be where we are in life currently. Whether it’s a good or bad thing. You should never regret your life. But on the other hand, not believing in yourself and not trusting yourself in decisions more can be fixed. Imagine writing yourself an apology for the things you regret or wish you could have done differently. If you have something you would like to apologize to yourself for. I was looking back on my Facebook memories yesterday and there was this Tyler Ward post that I commented…