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    7 Life Lessons I Learned At A Dining Hall Job

    We’re at the last week of school at the university dining hall job I work at — I honestly didn’t see me still working here this long, but I don’t regret a thing. We’re currently having summer break. Which at that point you can work a second job or enjoy the break. I choose to enjoy the time off. Foolish? maybe, but the kids will be here and I want to spend as much time with them as I possible can. I’ve worked a range of different food service jobs, but this was something different on a bigger scale. On average we fed 800 college kids between breakfast & lunch, the…

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    6 Bar Crawl Survival Tips You’ll Be Thankful For

    Have you ever gone on a bar crawl? Let me share some bar crawl survival tips with you that will make your night more memorable. A few months ago for St Patrick’s Day, I did a bar crawl in Chapel Hill, NC and it was amazing! I had a total blast. We had a small group of roughly 20 people, we went to 7 bars and it was a total blast. I met some really amazing people out of it as well. Then I went again for Cinco De Mayo in Raleigh, NC. This one was HUGE. There was two groups and roughly 100-150 people in each group, it was…

  • Goals for 2018

    30+Pretty Epic Bucket List Goals for 2018

    Where did 2017 go?! How many goals did you complete? New Year, means new list, here’s my goals for 2018. Some things I have from last year, but a lot of these are new. Here are some past goals for the last years. Traveling Honestly, I love traveling and taking road trips to new places and meeting new people. But I need to get my own place before I do any big travel plans honestly. But with that said, I want to see more than the east coast. I want to go the west coast & Nashville again or maybe New York around Christmas time, I’m a huge Christmas lights…

  • 2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos
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    2017 Recap With Awesome Concerts, Travels & Tattoos

    Here’s my 2017 Recap, I think it was a pretty fun year to be honest, there were a few hick-ups, other than that, it was a blast! Goals for 2017 was to save money and buy a car and get a place to live. What did I do in 2017? Get tattoos, take epic road trips & go to a few concerts, met some musicians and lived life to the fullest. Do I regret it? NEVER! In January… We had the kids for Christmas & New Years, but had to take them back on January 1st. I wouldn’t see them again until Summer Break, besides Skype chats here and there.…

  • Welcome to the South, Here's 6 Authentic Southern Values!

    Here’s 6 Authentic Southern Values – Welcome to the South Ya’ll!

    What makes us proud of being from the South? The South isn’t just a place printed on your ID, it’s a state of mind. The South is associated with certain Southern values, traditions, foods and even outfits, but more than that, the South is a set of authentic values. Those values are what make us proud of being from the South. There are so many I can name, but these are the top Southern values that are meaningful in my life. Welcome to the South, Here’s 6 Authentic Southern Values! Hospitality Southern people are friendly. It’s not a surprise that 4 out of the top 5 friendliest cities in America…

  • What separates us as Americans? Real Talk. | #BehindTheBlogger

    What separates us as Americans? Real Talk. | #BehindTheBlogger

    What separates us as Americans? When deciding who is to blame for the current state of our country, we are quick to point blame at everything possible. Whether it’s the media, the “system”, politicians, the President, etc. I find it crazy how fast we are able to throw the blame to someone else, when it’s simple, we’re the problem. It’s like when we were growing up as a child and your parents would say, “don’t point your finger at someone else, because you have 4 pointing back at yourself.” This is a great example of this whole thing. If we want to have peace with pockets of sunshine and happiness, we need…