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    Kids + Laundry + Purex PowerShot

    The sooner you teach the kids to wash, dry & fold laundry the better off you are. We have a cycle in our house when it comes to laundry. So it all doesn’t fall on one person and that one person is me, lol. Hailey or I will normally load the washer. I showed her how to use the new Purex PowerShot and how simple it was. She caught on pretty quick. We’re half way through the first bottle. Yep, lots of laundry being a family of five and I’m out numbered by kids. Then Hailey & Jr work together to load the dryer. Jacob likes helping out too, but he also…

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    What is Scentsy? Take My Money Now!

    I’ve always been a fan of Scentsy products. I’m a big fan of them, because for how much I love candles, they’re not always the safest around the kids, the scents aren’t always as strong. Also Scentsy has seriously step up its game and added a ton of other products, not just “candles”. Like they have a laundry section, which I haven’t been on the site in some time, so I didn’t have a clue. But found my new favorite section, let me tell you. The scents alone sound amazing. My long time friend from high school, Ashley asked me to review a few products from her. Ashley has also…

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    Unwrapping of Geek Fuel

    Back on November 13th, I posted about this new subscription box for geeks/nerds 🙂 There can never be enough of those right?? So there was a Kickstarter for Geek Fuel, they were able to make their goal and BOOM goodies to your mail box. I was one of the lucky ones able to review this box. Now I may not be the nerdiest nerd when it comes down to it, I like some things, not all things nerds, I know, I’m a failure, haha. None the less, here’s the 411 on Geek Fuel.

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    Are Your Walls Naked? Check out Fulcrum Gallery!

    Fulcrum Gallery reached out to me to see if I was interested in ordering an art wall piece. Which if you have ever seen our house, you would see our walls are naked. Of course, I have all these cute pinterest ideas, pinned, but actually doing it, yea never happens.  When I first get to their website, I’m overwhelmed with all the choices they have on their website. The site itself, is very well laid out, everything and neat & in order. They have gift ideas for everyone in the family and friends included. From everything from landscapes, animals, food & photography. I started myself a wishlist of canvases I want to…

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    I like my wine glasses, Drama Free!

    Anyone with kids or animals know anything breakable in the house is basically a no-no! There’s no way to have a glass of any kind just sitting out. Same thing goes for adults after a few drinks, you can’t just pass out sippy cups to each adult, though that would be the next big thing to create, haha. That’s where these Taza Drama Free Wine Glass come in handy. These are no break, no fear, crystal clear, bpa free, dishwasher safe drinking cups! You don’t have to use these for alcohol, but because I’m adult and do adult things, I totally poured myself some hard cider (which is amazing by…

  • Refresh Your Laundry with Purex Crystals Aromatherapy

    Refresh Your Laundry with Purex Crystals Aromatherapy

    Let’s face it, we’re  not perfect, no one is perfect here. Trying to juggle four kids, a house, a blog and a business. Then trying to throw doing laundry in there, yep, just hire a maid! But if you can’t afford a maid (however, that would be amazing!) You just need to get yourself a bottle of Purex Crystals Aromatherapy.  You pour the tiny  crystals into the top of the bottle and toss it into the load. It’s like heaven in tiny little crystals. You don’t even have to start the laundry, before you can smell the amaziness. Now, what’s so amazing about Purex Crystals Aromatherapy, I tend to FORGET about…